It’s Saturday and you’ve got a little bit of time to kill, before heading out to the park or an evening out. Why not clean your home, top to bottom? With a good plan and the right equipment, you can do it all in just two hours.

Get Your Kit Ready

First things first! You have to make sure you have the right equipment and cleaners. At Casabella, we’ve made this easy – all you need is 1) microfiber cloths, 2) a spray mop, and 3) cleaning concentrates with a reusable spray bottle. 

The microfiber cloths are a miracle of modern cleaning, because they are charged to attract dust and capture debris. And they’re great with spray cleaners, too, really pulling grime away from surfaces. We’ve designed our spray mop to work with microfiber pads, cleaning power while being environmentally friendly. 

Don’t forget our cleaning concentrates. They clean everything from countertops to soap scum, while using 70% less plastics than other cleaners. 

Ready? Set? Go!

Sometimes we like to go from room to room, sticking with similar surfaces in each space, but for a speed clean, start at one end of the home and work our way to the other – in fact, we created a Cleaning Caddy to make this easy. 

Start with a big garbage bag and empty all receptacles into it, along with any stray trash that might have gotten overlooked. Then do the same thing with a laundry basket, and drop all of those dirty clothes and linens into the washing machine. Note: you can also use this basket to pick up toys and books, and return them to their rightful places. 

Time to dust – use a microfiber cloth to trap particles. Once that is done, move on to cleaning glass surfaces and windows. We recommend using a non-toxic, glass cleaner. Next wipe down countertops – again, working from room to room, using an all-purpose cleaner.

Quick tip? Yes, you need to clean sinks, bathtubs, and toilets regularly. But with showers and tubs in particular, you can keep our bathroom cleaner on hand and give them a quick spray after every shower. When it just becomes part of your ritual, it cuts down on build-up, as well as cleaning time. 

From there, it’s all about the floors. Before you break out the vacuum, take a lint roller to your bathmats and stairs. Save your vacuum from hair clogs. We recommend the Evercare Made in USA Giant T-Handle. The handle makes it easy to roll on almost any surface. Okay, now it’s time to vacuum, which can be so satisfying – it’s like mowing the lawn. You can see an immediate difference! And when it comes to hardwood floors, you’ve already got your handy spray mop and microfiber pads. 

Room-by-Room Tips


  • Make the bed in each room. It’s remarkable what a difference this can make to keep a room looking tidy
  • Spot-check for toys, clothes, or dishes that need to be put away
  • Lean on your microfiber cloth to wipe away any dust that might have accumulated


  • Spray toilet cleaner around and under the rim, and let it sit while you use a bathroom cleaner and microfiber cloth to wipe down the sinks first, then shower/tub
  • Use your toilet brush to scrub away the cleaner and rinse

Living Areas (family room, dining room, office, etc.)


  • Load the dishwasher with plates, cups, and bowls that might have been wandering aimlessly around your home
  • Start the washer; hand-wash any dishes, as appropriate
  • Spray countertops and sinks with all-purpose cleaner and wipe with your microfiber cloth
  • Same with the stovetop

Floors, floors, floors

  • As you vacuum or clean wood, tile, or laminate floors with your spray mop, remember what a big difference a clean floor can make!

Speed cleaning your home is simpler than it sounds. So, grab a cup of coffee and put on a good podcast, and go to town! It’ll be over before you know it, and you can sit down, kick back, and enjoy your spotless space.

*Casabella Infuse Cleaning Solutions are non-toxic when used as directed.