For many, summer is a time to enjoy the weather and not worry about home maintenance and cleaning. We put together a list of cleaning tips to keep a clean home, so you can focus on having fun this summer. 

Clean Floors Daily

The floor of every home is one of the most touched surfaces; it’s where dirt, grime, and debris can be collected and piled up quickly. From everyone running in and out, summer insects, and spills, the floor is a challenging area to keep clean. Luckily, there are many ways that can eliminate these factors daily. 

For example, the Casabella Infuse multi-surface spray mop is a great way to keep the floors clean daily.  This multi-surface mop kit uses non-toxic* products and is great to use on various surfaces for a deep and daily clean. 

Whenever you see a mess on the floor, grab the mop and quickly swipe the area clean. 

Another great tip for clean floors is to use a doormat indoors and outdoors, reducing the everyday dirt build-up.

Clean The Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are a must-have to cool the room down and circulate cool air during hot days. However, due to constantly rotating, they collect dust, dirt, and more. For the neglected ceiling fan, use the new Casabella Extendable Duster, it’ll clean all the dust and grime. Use an all-purpose cleaner on the duster head to attract even more dust at once.  After cleaning the fans, you will may notice a positive difference in the air quality and the temperature. 

Also, make sure to clean the lightbulbs and lighting fixtures on the fans, as well as the chain. During warm months, make sure the blades are rotating counterclockwise; this makes the blades push the air down and create a breeze.

Wash The Windows

Spring and summer time are the best times to clean the windows. Cleaning the windows is beneficial in various ways. It prevents window damage, protects air quality, and can maintain heat efficiency. A great tip is to wash the windows in the morning or evening when it's cooler. This is because when it’s hot, the cleaning sprays can dry too quickly and leave behind streaks. Using a microfiber cloth and glass cleaner is a great way not to leave behind wet marks and streaks. 

Focus On Outdoor Furniture

The outdoors is the perfect hang-out place during the summer. Keeping it clean and presentable is ideal for summer entertaining.  Use all-purpose cleaners to wipe down furniture and surfaces outdoors. Using a pressure washer on the patio or surfaces such as brick, stones, concrete, and more can be extremely helpful in removing the hard stains that accumulate quickly. 

Keep Trash Cans Clean

Spills and trash smells can build up quickly, especially during humid months of summer. We recommended taking the trash out regularly and washing the trash bins with non-toxic kitchen cleaners or all-purpose cleaners to keep the trash fresh. 

Various things need to be done to ensure your home is clean for the summer. However, once they are done, you can enjoy the summertime and outdoor activities. Adding these tips to your cleaning routine will improve the home’s cleanliness. Following our summer tips will keep your house fresh and ready for the long summer days!

*Cleaning solution is non-toxic when used as directed.