Summer is ending, and parents are rushing out the door to drop their kids off at school. As we prepare to beat the morning rush, sometimes it might mean breakfast on the go. We know keeping your care clean when battling cereal crumbs and orange juice spills is challenging, but Casabella cleaning essentials are here to help.

We've created quick cleaning tips to help your car look like it just got detailed without spending the money. Our Casabella cleaning kit will have you turning heads when picking up the kids.

Cleaning windows doesn’t have to be a pain

It’s important to be able to see the road, regardless of where you’re headed. Wipers are great for the outside of your windshield but don’t reach the inside, side, or back windows.

Remove any dirt from your windows and mirrors using a Casabella Infuse glass microfiber cloth. Use the all-purpose cleaner to remove any hand-shaped sticky mystery residue on the winow panes. Spray down the surface with an all-purpose cleaner and go back over it with the cloth to get rid of the toughest gunk.

Don’t miss the dash

Over time, dashboards can show all kinds of dirt and dust. Clean off your command station with an all-purpose microfiber cloth. These reusable cleaning cloths pick up all those tiny particles, so your dashboard and radio screen looks great.

Scrub the seats

Whether your car seats are faux leather, cloth, vinyl, or polyester, they all need to be cleaned. Seat cushions lock in crumbs, liquids, and everything in between. If you have furry friends that love to tag along, this can be a tough challenge with all of their strangling pet hairs. 

For less porous materials, try an all-purpose cleaner and a microfiber cloth. For cloth or cloth covers, try an Evercare lint roller. The lint rollers and fabric shavers from Evercare are designed to make cleaning cloth a breeze, even for pet hair, regardless of the fabric type!

It’s okay to vent

We all know that the air vents in the car are necessary, regardless of whether you’re trying to warm up in the morning or cool down in the afternoon. That’s why keeping them free of dust and debris is essential. Try an all-purpose cleaner sprayed on a microfiber cloth to help get into the cracks and keep your air clean!

Stay prepared by keeping a cleaning kit in the car: 

  • Microfiber glass cloths
  • All-purpose microfiber clothes
  • All-purpose spray cleaner
  • Lint roller