Let's Talk Mops

Every mop we make has specific characteristics: it's designed for easy use and effective cleaning and is built with quality construction, so you can depend on it being ready to get to work when you are. 

But different floors call for different strategies. So we've put together this guide to help you choose wisely.

Mega Dust Mop

When it's time to dust a move, you want an extra-wide mop head. Ours is 20 inches wide and pivots to reach corners and under furniture, making shorter work of wiping any size space. And because our mop head is a microfiber pad, it grabs onto dust and doesn't let go, then can be popped into the washing machine, so you aren't creating unnecessary waste.

The Original Bee Mop

A timeless classic still relevant today, the original Casabella mop features an incredibly absorbent cellulose sponge to help you scrub any floor – from wood to tile to vinyl to laminate. And with the heavy-duty wringing lever, you can squeeze to your heart's content. Its sturdy construction is part of what's made it a classic and why people still swear by it.

Microfiber Spin Mop

A pivoting head of hundreds of microfiber strands makes quick work of mopping any floor. And it comes with a two-bucket system, and you can clean and dry the mop head quickly without ever having to touch it. Dunk the mop into the washing spinner to remove dirt and debris, then shift it over to the stainless steel wringer basket to spin it dry. And with a built-in soap dispenser, mopping has never been easier.

Infuse Multi-Surface Floor Kit

If you're looking for one right tool for all surfaces, pick up an Infuse Multi-Surface Floor Spray Mop Cleaning Kit. It was designed with both your home and the planet in mind: it requires no batteries and features a microfiber pad that is better at cleaning than other mop pads but is washable and reusable. And our Infuse concentrates not only smell great, but they're entirely free of Phthalates, BPA, Parabens, and carcinogens. 

At Casabella, no matter what kind of floor you've got, we've got you covered.