The holidays can be chaotic, even more so when you are the one who is hosting. No one wants a dirty home to take away from your family time. To achieve a good balance of cleanliness and family enjoyment, we suggest starting your cleaning well before welcoming your family into your home. Follow our cleaning checklist list to make your holidays stress-free and family-friendly.

Two Weeks Before:

____ Clean your refrigerator out; doing this will allow room for all your ingredients for your holiday recipes. Use our Casabella Infuse All-Purpose Spray Bottle Cleaning Kit with its non-toxic* cleaning solution.

____ Clean out your coat closet, we’re into the cooler part of the season, and there are sure to be people bundled up coming over.

____ Time to go room to room and clear out the clutter; if you can close off spaces you will not be using, to cut down on your cleaning time.

____ This is an excellent time to clean and polish any silverware and dishes you will be using for the holidays, so you are not rushing. This is also a good time to make sure you have enough for each place setting.

A Week Before:

____ Dust around your home; no area is too small. Window sills and baseboards can sometimes be missed but are still important.

____ Take the time to clean all your glass surfaces, particularly if you have a glass door and/or sidelights. It’s the first thing your guests will see. Use our Casabella Infuse Glass & Window Spray Bottle Cleaning Kit for a streak-free shine.

____ Give your bathrooms a deep clean, especially the bathrooms your guests will be using. Use our Casabella Infuse Bathroom Spray Bottle Cleaning Kit for a refreshing cleaning.

____ This week you will also want to deep clean your floors. Be sure to vacuum, sweep and mop. Use our Casabella Infuse Multi-Surface Spray Mop for an all over non-toxic* clean for all your homes hard surface flooring.

____ You’ll also want to clean your oven, stovetop, and other appliances. Deep cleaning these items now will allow you to only wipe clean after your holiday cooking. Use our Casabella Infuse All-Purpose Spray Bottle Cleaning Kit for a sparkling shine to all your kitchen counter tops and appliances.

The Day Before: Touch Up Day

____ Although you did this last week, give your bathrooms another once over. Clean mirrors, the toilet inside and out, sink and faucet for an all over shine.

____ Touch up any dusting, vacuuming, and mopping. Now would be also be a good time to give your couch a once over. Use the Evercare Mega Lint Roller to pick up and pet hair that the vacuum may have left behind and save your guests from being covered in pet hair when they sit down.

____ Run and empty your dishwasher; you’re going to need it tomorrow.

____ Set out any last-minute decor.

____ Set the table today; this will give a nice presentation when your guests walk in.

Today is the Day:

____ Put fresh hand towels in your guest bathroom.

____ Take the trash out; as the day moves on, it will accumulate.

____ Wipe down your stovetop for a clean look.

____ Clean and clear your countertops of anything that is not decor or food being used. You need the space, and the kitchen is the heart of the home, so your guests will congregate there first.

Recommended cleaning items:

  • Casabella Infuse All-Purpose Spray Bottle Cleaning Kit
  • Casabella Infuse All-Purpose Microfiber Cloth
  • Casabella Infuse Glass & Windows Spray Bottle Cleaning Kit
  • Casabella Infuse Glass Microfiber Cloth
  • Casabella Infuse Bathroom Spray Bottle Cleaning Kit
  • Casabella Infuse Bathroom Microfiber Cloth
  • Casabella Infuse Multi-Surface Spray Mop
  • Casabella Infuse Spray Mop Microfiber Cleaning Pad Refill
  • Casabella Infuse Cleaning Caddy
  • Evercare Mega Lint Roller


*When used as directed.