You can use all-purpose cleaners in many ways, some you may not have even thought about. No worries though, we’re going to share with you our top 10 ways to use our Infuse All-Purpose cleaner in and around your home.

  1. General Surface Cleaning

    All-purpose cleaners are great for all your hard surface cleaning to wipe away germs, dirt, and grime. The CDC recommends cleaning with a general cleaner before using a disinfectant to wipe away dirt and grime. This removes any larger particles from the surface, allowing the disinfectant to work more effectively.*
  2. Kitchen Counters

    You can use our Infuse All-purpose cleaner on most counter types. If you have marble or granite counters, make sure they are sealed to ensure your countertops sparkle for years to come.
  3. Glass and Mirrors

    When you don’t have a glass cleaner on hand, the Infuse All-Purpose cleaner is an excellent alternative for these surfaces. A good rule of thumb is to wipe the mirror before using the cleaner to eliminate streaking due to dirt build-up. Also, wipe up any excess cleaner for optimal shine.
  4. Stainless Steel

    Like any stainless steel appliance or surface, when cleaning, wipe with the grain. Using the Infuse All-Purpose cleaner will help lift fingerprints and smudges and make your stainless steel surfaces shine.
  5. Bathroom

    Like in the kitchen, an all-purpose cleaner is perfect for cleaning countertops. You can also use it to clean your tub and shower surfaces. Although for soap scum, you will want to let it sit for a more extended period of time, and you may still need to use something more abrasive. Just be sure to rinse between using each cleaner to prevent any harmful chemical combinations.
  6. Floors

    Instead of pulling out the mop every time there is a spill, pull out your Infuse All-Purpose cleaner. Because you can use all-purpose cleaners on about every hard surface, this also includes flooring. Allowing you to spot clean every day and mop once every couple of days to a week. Doing this will also help prolong the life of your Infuse mop pad and extend the refill times of your Infuse mop cleaner.*
  7. Grease and Oil on Cooktop

    As you may well know, grease and oil splatters in the kitchen are near impossible to avoid. However, no need to reach for a heavy-duty degreaser for clean-up. Our Infuse All-Purpose cleaner can be just as effective. Although unlike cleaning other areas of your home with this cleaner you will want to let it sit for about 5 minutes. This will allow the cleaner to loosen up the grease and oil for a more effortless wipe down with minimal elbow grease needed.
  8. Cleaning Range Hood

    Just like your cooktop, the hood over your stove can also generate grease and oil build-up. Spray down with the Infuse All-Purpose cleaner and let sit to loosen up the grime. Then wipe. The longer you allow, the cleaner to sit, the less likely you’ll have to put in a lot of scrubbing power.
  9. Cleaning Whiteboards

    Sometimes, water just doesn’t cut it when cleaning a whiteboard. Because all-purpose cleaners are great for cutting through grease, they can also break down the whiteboard marker more effectively.
  10. Car Interiors

    Dashboards and consoles can get pretty dirty, but an all-purpose cleaner can help clean things up. Because of the electrical components in your car, we suggest spraying the cleaner onto a microfiber cloth then wiping down each surface. That way, you avoid anything getting unnecessarily wet.

*You should always spot test any new cleaners on your surfaces for compatibility to avoid large areas of discoloration. 


  1. Use an all-purpose cleaner to clean just about anything, from countertops to floors, to appliances and car interiors.
  2. Even when wanting to disinfect, always use an all-purpose cleaner first for best results.
  3. When cleaning up grease and oil or other harder-to-clean areas, always let the cleaner sit to loosen up the grease, dirt, and grime.
  4. If you are going to clean an electronic, spray cleaner into a microfiber cloth first to avoid over saturating the object you are cleaning.

Bonus Tip:

If at any time when using the Infuse All-Purpose cleaner and you find it leaving a haze or streaking, try adding a little more water. The concentrate may not have diluted enough. If this doesn’t appear to work, you may need to try filtered water when diluting the concentrated cleaner. Some tap water can have additives that can cause the solution the streak or leave a film behind.

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