Your pet is an integral part of your family, and you want to look out for them in any way you can. Other than choosing the right food for your pet, choosing the right cleaning supplies is the second most important decision you can make. Which is why Infuse is dedicated to providing you with cleaning solutions that are pet and family-friendly.

The Infuse Spray Mop provides a quick clean with its SaferShine formula and is safer than traditional cleaners by eliminating harmful chemicals. Infuse only uses ingredients from the EPA CleanGredients list for a family-friendly, pet-friendly cleaner clean. Infuse is also non-toxic when used as directed by diluting the concentrated cleaner in the mop bottle to the fill line or 26oz of water. The Infuse Spray mop can be used on most flooring, including hardwoods, for a paw-friendly worry-free clean.

Just like with the mop, the Infuse Spray Bottle cleaners provide a safer clean without rinsing as many other traditional cleaners require. So, whether your furry friends are walking on the ground, or like many cats up on the counters, their paws a safe from harmful chemicals.

Want to give your home a more in-depth clean? Check out our Evercare lint rollers. Our lint rollers help pick up lint, pet hair, and debris from your furniture and clothing with ease. Evercare has a Mega lint roller that is the perfect vacuum alternative when you don’t want to plug in. And like Infuse, Evercare is eco-friendly with its reusable handles and biodegradable adhesive paper sheets.

Infuse has all your hard surfaces covered while Evercare picks up the slack on your soft fabric surfaces for an all-over home clean.