As the days get longer and the temperatures start to rise, it’s time to start thinking about spring cleaning. While it may not be most peoples’ favorite activity, it’s one of the most important things you can do for your home. It’s a perfect way to literally and figuratively wipe away the cobwebs and dust that have gathered over the long, dark winter months.

Before deep cleaning can begin, certain tasks need to be done first. Spring cleaning is a big job, which is why this post is separated into two parts to fully cover this subject. It will include the most important things to accomplish before getting ready for the biggest cleaning job of the year. Please see the first post below.


Have the Right Tools on Hand

Before any prep or cleaning gets underway, the right cleaning tools and supplies need to be available. Consider all the various types of cleaning supplies and tools in your home currently and those that are still needed.

Because dusting is important at both the prep and deep cleaning stages, be sure quality dusters are available. Good options include the Casabella Multi-Angle Extendable Microfiber Duster, the Casabella Feather Duster, and the Microfiber Duster. The Casabella Blinds Duster and the Casabella Vent Brush should be added to the tool inventory, as well.

It’s advisable to dust several times during the cleaning process. Dusting initially will help to clear the majority of the dust. However, another pass on all of the surfaces after a full cleaning ensures a cleaner, healthier space.

Consider surface cleaning cloths, as well. Options like the Microfiber Glass Cloth and All Purpose Cloth from Casabella are great choices. They can make cleaning kitchen counters, bathroom counters, baseboards, and more easier tasks.



Most homes have at least some clutter and junk that needs to be removed. In some homes, there is a lot more than people even realize. We recommend decluttering your home at least once a year. The easiest time to do it is when prepping for the deeper spring cleaning. It helps to reduce the amount of mess in the home, and it can help to improve mental health.

Go room by room and consider all the items that aren’t necessary and that don’t get used. Consider throwing out or even donating clothes that no longer fits or even unnecessary items damaged items that can’t be fixed should be thrown out.

When decluttering, be sure to remember all the junk drawers around the house and clear those out, as well. They tend to accumulate a lot of useless items over the years. Other spots to remember, include the refrigerator and the garage.

Rather than just throwing everything out, separate the clutter into several piles. Some items could be sold or given to charity. Others may need to be recycled or thrown away.

Once the clutter is gone, it becomes easier to see everything else that will need to be done, including all the deep cleaning that will need to occur next.


Make a List for the Rest of the Cleaning


Creating a list of what needs attention for spring cleaning is the first thing that homeowners should do. The list can contain some of the finer details of spring cleaning. These are the cleaning tasks that will be completed after all the preparation stages.

All homes are different, which means specific items on your list may differ from another homeowner’s, at least in terms of what’s most important. A home in Michigan where there is a substantial amount of snow will likely have different spring-cleaning needs than a home in California.

Make a list of all the deep cleaning that will need to take place in each room, including spaces like the garage. It’s better to start with larger rooms then move on to smaller rooms.  

Once the prep work has been completed, it’s time to start thinking about the deep cleaning that comes next. Stay tuned for part 2 in the next few weeks. The second post will provide more insight into how to get your house looking beautiful and clean.