Dusting is one of the most important chores when it comes to keeping a home clean. Proper dusting requires more than just a cut-up t-shirt, which an unfortunate number of people are still using.

Instead, there are some good tools that can be used, including feather dusters and microfiber dusters. This can lead to some confusion, though, as they tend to have different pros and cons, and thus, different uses. Below, get to know more about these options and understand the best time to use each one.

Feather Dusters

Feather dusters, such as the Casabella Feather Duster, can work well in many different situations. Proper feather dusters are made using genuine ostrich feathers. These work better than cheap feather dusters that use fake feathers. This is because ostrich feathers have millions of filaments that help to collect the dust rather than just displace it.

One of the biggest pros of feather dusters is that they are gentle when used on fragile objects. In many cases, they can remove dust from objects without needing to move the item. The gentle nature of the feathers also means that there is never a worry about them scratching furniture or other surfaces.

Feather dusters do have some cons, though, and they are not always the right solution. One potential con is that they are meant to be used gently, so the feather shafts don’t break. They aren’t meant for “heavier” dusting duties as they don’t remove some of the thicker dust that might accumulate on blinds or other surfaces, for example.

Feather dusters, contrary to what a lot of people may believe, can be cleaned, as well. They should be hand washed gently with mild detergent, and then hung up to let dry. It may take some time for them to dry fully, so be sure to check the duster before using it again.

Microfiber Dusters

More and more people are gravitating toward using microfiber dusters rather than traditional dust cloths because they have so many more advantages. For example, these tools remove dust with an electric charge. The fibers rub together when the duster is used, which creates a static charge that attracts the dust. These tools do a fantastic job of removing the dust without scattering it everywhere.

Many types and sizes of microfiber dusters are available, too. Casabella has hand-held dusters for small jobs, as well as an Extendable Microfiber Duster. This allows people to easily dust the walls, the corners of the ceiling, and just about any other surface they might need. It can extend up to 35” to get to those hard-to-reach spaces.

Some of the other, more unique options from Casabella include our Blinds Duster and the Casabella Vent Brush. These specialized microfiber dusting tools can make great additions to any home.

There aren’t many actual downsides when it comes to microfiber dusters. The biggest potential con is the fact that you will have to be more careful when dusting fragile items. The best option is to remove all items, then dust them and the surface separately.

In addition to the dusters, microfiber cloths are available from Casabella, too. There are all-purpose cloths and microfiber glass cloths. They do a fantastic job of dusting and cleaning.

It’s possible to clean the microfiber dusters and cloths, too. Remove the microfiber head from the handle and machine wash them in cold water, separate from other items. They can be air-dried or tumble-dried on a low setting. Never use fabric softener or bleach with them, as they will cause damage.

Which Should Be Chosen?

When it comes to dusting, there isn’t truly a “best” option, as it will depend on how they are being used. Fragile items are best dusted with a feather duster. For everything else, microfiber works perfectly well.

Ideally, both of these options will be available in the home, as they have different uses. Both options are affordable and can help to ensure the entire home and all of those fragile objects are properly dusted.

These dusters can last for a long time, given proper care and washing. However, they will eventually need to be replaced. Casabella is here for you to ensure you can always order the dusters you need!