Clean Together with Casabella

Spending time with your significant other can be an essential part of building a relationship together. Cleaning together is no exception, especially when you're working to accomplish something that you both will appreciate. Casabella cleaning products can help you combine your love for one another with the love for a clean home. 

Divide and Conquer

Before you start, list the tasks that need to be done around the house and agree on which ones you and your partner will complete. This will not only improve your communication but it will present the opportunity to compromise. Let’s be honest not everyone will want to clean the bathrooms, but if you take turns it will alleviate the stress a little. Plus our Casabella Extendable Bathroom Tub and Tile Scrubber, allows you to get those hard to reach spots. The tough bristles make cleaning floors, tile grout, drains, and around sinks and toilets easier and less time consuming.

Wash the Dishes Together 

Washing dishes may not be one of your favorite tasks to do alone, but together can be a different experience. Once you decide who will wash and who will dry, this is a great time to share a sweet conversation. Also working together will have the dishes done in no time. The Casabella Sink Sider Kitchen Soap and Sponge Caddy dispenses soap and stores your sponge keeping things organized, for a clean you will be proud of together.

Get Swept off your Feet

There is something about cleaning to your favorite songs that makes the experience all the more enjoyable. Make a playlist of all the songs you both love, creating your own soundtrack to your cleaning music video. Lip sync the versus together while one of you sweeps and the others dusts. Our Casabella Upright Sweep Set has bristles that grab more dust so you only have to sweep once. Plus the upright handle can act as a microphone stand and dance partner.

It Takes Two

House chores are ongoing in any home and staying on top of them can help maintain a stress-free space. An uneven distribution of housework can take a toll on any relationship,so don't let the dust build up. Communicate and handle with care, just like our Casabella Feather Duster helps you to dust delicate items around your home. 

If you're looking for ways to spend time together and also keep your home clean, we recommend cleaning together with Casabella. Tag us on Instagram @CasabellaClean with your couple cleaning photos!