Welcome, 2023! Whatever resolutions you are (or are not) making, we’ve got a recommendation: resolve to make cleaning your home easier and more effective. 

It’s a Sponge. It’s a Cloth

Have you ever used a Casabella Sponge Cloth? These little miracle workers are as thin as cloth but work like sponges. Made of 100% natural cellulose, they are incredibly absorbent but durable – they can even go in the dishwasher (top rack) and then be reused, cutting down on landfill waste. They’re perfect for cleaning up after a meal or under the bathroom sink; they can even be used damp for dusting. 

Blast Your Bathroom

Okay, it’s not a blaster! It’s a Casabella Infuse Spray Bottle, but it packs a punch for cleaning. Refillable, durable, and engineered to last, these bottles work hand in hand with our cleaning concentrates, so you don’t have to throw away single-use bottles (like with other brands). And because it’s made of non-toxic plastic, you know that every time you spray and wipe your sink, toilet, or shower, you aren’t spreading harmful chemicals onto the surfaces.

Multi-Surface Mopping

Our Casabella Infuse Spray Mop Cleaning Kit has everything you need to keep floors clean and sparkling. Perfect for cleaning various floors – from sealed hardwood to tile to vinyl and linoleum. Its wide head cuts down on mopping time, and because it uses cleaning concentrates and a washable mop pad, it’s easy to refill, reload, and reuse. 

Work your way through the house in one fell swoop, or break up your cleaning routine into a daily checklist, doing one room daily. Either way, you’re off to a great start in the new year, keeping your resolution to keep things clean without any hassle.