It’s a New Year and time to declare your resolutions. If one of your resolutions is to be healthier, this doesn’t just have to mean healthy eating. Part of your health journey should also be to have and keep a clean home. There is no right or wrong way to clean unless you are cleaning stainless steel or hardwood floors. It’s all about what you clean with, and a simple and effective non-toxic cleaning system is the way to go for healthy home cleaning in the New Year.

The Casabella Infuse Cleaning system comprises a spray mop and cleaning spray bottles. Each of these cleaning tools comes equipped with a cleaning concentrate that is non-toxic when added to the specified amount of water, the mop bottle needs 26oz and the cleaning spray bottles need 24oz of water. Each of these bottles have a fill line so there is no guess work. Casabella Infuse also has a microfiber cleaning cloth for all your surface and dusting needs. There is a cleaning caddy to keep it all together and organized in one space to bring it all together.

We suggest using the Casabella Infuse Spray Mop for an everyday clean where you want your home to look and smell clean with little effort. The spray mop is excellent for cleaning your floors of the messes your kids make or get tracked into your home by you or your pets. What’s even better, if you clean with this spray mop everyday or every other day, there’s no real need to deep clean your floors with a steam, spin, or sponge mop. If you have hardwoods, you really shouldn’t be cleaning your floors with anything other than a spray mop or dry dust mop anyway. Spray mops allow you to have more control over how much water you are using on your floors; a spin or sponge mop can leave puddles of water, leading to the warping of your hardwoods over time. The same can be said of a steam mop; while you aren’t leaving puddles of water everywhere, you are introducing warm moisture to your hardwoods which can get between the seams and cause the planks to warp, shift and buckle over time. Why not start the year treating yourself and your floors to the right type of mop.

Other than having clean floors, if you spend time every day cleaning up clutter and organizing, your home will look clean and put together. Once everything is put away, cleaning with our Casabella Spray Bottle with all-purpose cleaner adds an extra clean scent boost without the overwhelming cleaning chemical scent.

For a more in-depth cleaning routine for the year, here is an easy-to-follow cleaning checklist you can print out and keep insight for your household to get in on the New Year home cleaning health journey.

Cleaning List for the New Year