House cleaning every day might seem like an overwhelming idea. But a cleaning schedule that is broken up into small tasks can actually ease anxiety – the key is a bit of daily cleaning, because the small tasks add up to a cleaner, healthier home. And a happier you.

The first step is to create a day-by-day to-do list. But you can check this box as complete, because we already created one for you, below!

Rather than approaching the hit list room by room, we’ve broken it down by surface. So, you can walk through your home with one or two cleaning products, so you don’t have to run back and forth to the cleaning cupboard. All it takes is 15 or 20 minutes a day.


Monday: Toilets and Bathtubs

Start your week off cleaning the bathroom, it may seem like a bummer, but you’ll feel great checking this chore off the list early. Make this job easy with a bathroom cleaning concentrate that dissolves water spots, soap scum, and mineral deposits for a shiny potty and tub. 

Tuesday: Windows to the Soul

Tuesdays are all about mirrors and windows, and all about the microfiber cloth. Used wet or dry, a great one erases water spots and smudges, without scratching. You can even use it on TV screens and computer monitors, then toss it in the washing machine for next time. Paired with a spray bottle filled with a cleaner like our Glass and Window Concentrate, you’ll have a streak-free shine.

Wednesday: Dust a Move

On Wednesdays, microfiber cloths are once again your best buddy. Their fibers pick up dust better than a feather brush or a paper towel, catching and capturing it. From bookshelves to bedside tables to baseboards, they make cleaning a breeze.

This is a great day to get the kiddos involved, too! Dusting with Infuse’s Microfiber cloth is the perfect task for your kids, as it practically does all the work.

Guess What?

You’re halfway through your new regimen! Only two more days until the weekend and a completely clean home. So let’s keep going… 

Thursday: Deep Clean Countertops

The best way to tackle countertop gunk and grime is with an all-purpose cleaner. It wipes away dirt and grime on everything from sealed wood to stainless steel, to natural stone or laminate. Hit every horizontal surface, from your kitchen to bathrooms to dressers in the bedroom.

Friday: The World at Your Feet

It’s Friday and it’s time to look down, at your floors. Vacuum carpets and rugs, and when it comes to hard floors – from wood to tile to vinyl – we love a multi-surface spray mop, because we believe that mop pads should be re-usable, rather than clogging landfills. When paired with a great-smelling non-toxic* cleaning concentrate, not only will your floors be spotless, you’ll also be keeping the environment in mind.

You Did It!

With just a few minutes dedicated to cleaning each day, you now have a clean home and can enjoy your weekend without having to worry about tidying up. This list may seem daunting, but the important thing is to focus on that individual day’s tasks. Once the first week of your new cleaning regimen has been completed, you’ll enjoy the ease that this cleaning schedule adds to your life.

Time to celebrate with a movie marathon! Anything new on Netflix we can binge?

*Casabella Infuse cleaning concentrates are non-toxic when used as directed.