Winter isn’t complete if you haven’t experienced the wet weather of snow, rain, and ice. These extreme weather conditions plus the salt used to treat roads and sidewalks can be harsh on your floors. When cleaning your floors during wet weather, you don’t want to add harsh chemicals to the mix. Thankfully, you can adopt some tricks to avoid any unnecessary wear and tear on your floors.

The number one item to keep in your entry area during wet weather is your Casabella Infuse Spray Mop for all your quick clean-ups after walking in the door. The spray mop head with its absorbent microfiber and scrubbing strips are perfect for water and grime coming in from the outside. When used as directed, the Casabella Infuse SaferShine™ cleaning formula is considered pH neutral and non-toxic, which means it is safer to use on all your hard surface flooring than other cleaning solutions. A neutral pH cleaner is also ideal when tracking salt from snow and ice treatments.

You can take other actions in your home to protect your floors by using floor mats at all your entrances. Actively adopt using one door to exit and enter during unpleasant weather too. This primary entry space should become your mudroom if you don’t already have one. Taking your shoes, coat, and other outer clothing off as you come in the door will keep these items isolated to this area, reducing water, dirt, and grime from tracking into your home. As always, stay tuned for more tips and tricks to keep your home clean and organized all year long.