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Welcome to Men Clean! Today we are going to discuss what lurks under your refrigerator and stove in your kitchen. First question – When was the last time you moved your fridge and stove out from the wall? Maybe you recently painted your kitchen? Or maybe one of your toys or utensils dropped under there, and you needed to fish it out. Whatever the case – I can guarantee you this – the grime, dust, and food particles that can vanish under these appliances can be disgusting to both the air you breathe and your flooring. With that said, I want to review some hygiene floor steps we can take with Casabella to eradicate the hidden filth and keep our flooring fresh and clean.
The first step is to have the proper tools for cleaning –
Casabella stationary upright sweep set – a must have to pick up larger debris.
Casabella Spin and Dry Mop with 4-gallon bucket – wait till you see how this mop operates - no mess!
Casabella Everywhere Duster – they mean everywhere – I am going to show you how to clean some areas that you did not know even existed!
For the next step – please push out from the wall your refrigerator and stove. If your ice chest is anything like mine, you might want to solicit a family member or friend for help. After the appliances have been pushed out, take a look at the residue, stickiness, and foreign objects that lie – toys, grapes, syrup spills….. What I recommend is a light broom over with the stationary upright sweep set – this rubber tipped dustpan does not let any debris “slip thru the cracks”! I make good use of the using the two position handles for comfort – depending if I am hunched over or standing straight up. Here is a snapshot of what was loitering under my fridge!
Casabella Compact Upright Sweepset
Complete the same activity for under your stove. Please keep in mind to watch out for any and all cords and electrical and water connections as you complete this housekeeping session.
After the sweep up – we will not proceed with the mop. Please fill the 4 gallons Casabella bucket with water and a little hardwood cleaner (I use a mild soap – one to two cap full per gallon).
Casabella Compact Upright Sweepset
Now here is where things get interesting – Casabella created a neat – spin and dry mop that spins out the water inside of the shroud enclosure – preventing any spilling or splashing!! This mop outperformed on our hardwoods – and since the mop head was only slightly damp, I was left with an almost completely dry floor in a matter or 10 minutes. Fast drying!! And that is what you want when dealing with hard wood. Furthermore – there is no brute strength required to wring out the water from the mop – simply dip the mop in bucket, loosen the lever and pull up and down on the handle gently, this will cause the mop head to swivel in a circular motion while the releasing the water with no splash back into the bucket. Take a look at our floors – they are dry to the touch and clean – air smells great as well.
Casabella 4 Gallon Bucket
Now for the finishing step, we are going to dust. I chose one particular area on the back of the fridge – air inlet cover. If you notice this area on the metal backplane is exposed to constant air flow, and with that air comes dust and debris that collects. Take your Casabella Everywhere Duster and run it over these metal fins gently. As the fine microfibers pass over the slots, they trap the dust and lock it in. By accomplishing this maintenance – you are extending the life of your fridge motor as well as purifying the air you breathe in the kitchen. This Everywhere Duster is great on the back end of any appliance in the kitchen – just gently glide it over your surface and look at what you can attract!
Beautifully Clean Floors
Here are some final shots of our job – floor looks clean, fresh air, and little mess or fuss. Thank you Casabella for making us products that are enjoyable to use, ergonomic, and appropriately priced!
MenClean.Com and Casabella – what at team!!
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