While cleaning the house isn’t everyone’s favorite or most-loved activity, there are lots of benefits that come along with maintaining a clean and orderly home. Keeping dust, grit, grease, and grime under control is good for your home’s air quality, which relates to your physical health, especially if you or anyone else living in your home has allergies or asthma. 


Mental Health Benefits from Cleaning

There are countless mental health benefits that result from living in a clean and organized home. Clutter, such as piles of paper, books, magazines, or newspapers create an environment where dust and dust mites can settle. 


Overall messiness and dust in your home can cause a negative outlook on life. Living in an untidy home can lead to confusion and depression. On the flip side, living in a clean and organized home produces a positive, “glass-is-half-full” outlook and evokes feelings of calmness and a sense of happiness.


Gain Control of Your Environment and Keep it Spotless and Comfortable

To help get a handle on keeping your living space germ free and pristine, look no further than Casabella.com. Here you can easily get all the products you need to make cleaning more effective, efficient; and, well, just plain easier. Casabella ‘s high quality products take the hassle out of cleaning, and you’ll be happier and more productive when your house is spic and span! Once you take control of the environment in your home, keeping it up is a cinch with all the great products offered by Casabella. The endorphins released after completing your cleaning routine can actually boost your mood and help with stress.


Floor Chores

Caring for your floor is an essential task in keeping your home free of dirt and grime, especially if you have young children who play on the floor frequently. Casabella makes your floor chores easier with products like the Casabella Infuse Multi-Surface Floor Spray Mop Cleaning Kit.


Tackling your floor care routine with the right Casabella products will help your home stay tidy, and once you’ve gotten that routine task accomplished, your overall mental outlook improves. Easy to assemble, the mop in this kit and the accompanying products are a trouble-free way to clean your floors and will quickly become a critical component of your floor care routine. 


It’s All in the Scent

Lemon scent has been documented as one of the most pleasant smells known to man, and its fragrance permeating your home is easy to achieve with the aforementioned Casabella Cleaning Kit. The luxurious Meyer Lemon cleaning solution in this kit smells wonderful. Ideal for all surfaces, the spray mop will go to work in every room of your home. Whether the floor is ceramic, glazed tile, laminate, hard wood or vinyl, dirt and grime will be eliminated easily with no streaks. We’ve all experienced handling the mopping routine only to find that the surface we just cleaned is hazy or streaked. The Casabella spray mop avoids this frustrating situation with its washable microfiber mop pad. Soft and durable, this fabulous mop pad is tough on dirt without damaging your floors. 


The refillable solution bottle is easy to fill, and by adding the Meyer Lemon Cleaning Concentrate, your floors will sparkle, and you'll enjoy the pleasant smell of your home. There’s no need to purchase new mop pads! This system eliminates waste and saves you money!


In your home's high traffic areas, such as the entryway, kitchen, bathrooms, and hallways, this easy-to-use spray mop can be used frequently to spruce up your home. 


Make a Clean Sweep 

The Casabella Upright Sweep set makes the chore of sweeping the floor as easy as it gets. Constructed of recycled plastic, this broom and dustpan set features single pass pickup and a large opening with a rubber lip on the pan that seals the pickup gap, so you get every last bit of debris. The broom’s feathered bristles allow you to grab more dust as you sweep and the bristle cleaner on the dustpan allows you to keep broom bristles as dirt free as possible. Storage is easy because the dustpan folds for efficient and compact, out-of-sight storage.


Just a click away at Casabella.com you can affordably enjoy a clean house, an uncluttered mind, and a life that’s less stressful. Enjoy the benefits of a tidying-up routine that’s easily kept up with these guaranteed products. What have you got to lose, except dirt!