Easy Tips to Keep the Dust Bunnies Away

Dust bunnies are a reality in many homes. When left unchecked, they can accumulate faster than real rabbits! It is important to get them under control for a clean and healthy house. Below, learn more about what they are, where they hide, and how to get rid of them.

Dust Bunnies: What They Are and Their Dangers
Dust bunnies are small clumps of dust, hair, lint, pet fur, dead insects, pollen, and other materials. They are held together due to static electricity and continue to get bigger over time.

Although they may have a cute nickname, dust bunnies can prove to be a health risk, as they can be home to dust mites and other parasites. The mites are allergens, which could potentially trigger asthma, allergic reactions, and other health issues. Those who suffer from respiratory issues are most at risk.

Know Where the Dust Bunnies Hide
To ensure all of the dust bunnies are banished, it is essential to know where they tend to hide. Some of the most common spots for dust bunnies include behind and around appliances, under and behind furniture, under the box spring, in corners, and between pleated curtains, lampshades, and bed skirts.

These are the areas of the home that tend to get less attention when it comes time to clean. Knowing where they are located is half the battle in combating a home’s dust bunny problems. Below are some tips to help keep them at bay.

Dust from Top to Bottom At Least Once a Week
When dusting, always start at the top and work downward. Using the Casabella Multi-Angle Extendable Duster, begin with ceiling fans and vents, and then move down to walls and wall décor, blinds, curtains, the tops of furniture, bookshelves, electronics, and finally, the floor.

Removing the dust from above the floor first helps to reduce the amount of dust that will accumulate going forward. This method can help to reduce the number of dust bunnies in the future.

Keep the Linens Washed
The bed linens tend to be full of dead skin cells. According to a 2009 study of house dust in the U.S. Midwest, most of the components of dust come from shed skin, organic fibers, dirt, and other materials tracked in from outside of the house. 

When stripping and making the bed, the cells fall onto the floor and accumulate with the rest of the dust. This is the main reason so many dust bunnies are found beneath the bed. A way to reduce this problem is to change and wash the linens regularly. It won’t entirely stop the dust, but it will help.

Be aware of the hamper, as well. Clothing holds a lot of skin cells and dust. Keeping clothes clean can help to cut down on the amount of dust in the home.

Dust on the Plants
Houseplants, both real and fake, tend to accumulate a lot of dust. Plants can be gently washed with lukewarm water to remove the dust on their leaves and stems, or they can be gently dusted with the Casabella feather duster. This can be done once or twice a month. Remember to dust the plants before moving on and cleaning the floor.

During the warmer months of the year, the plants can be taken outside and gently sprayed down to clean them. Make sure they are dry before bringing them back into the house.

Vacuum and Sweep Regularly
Regular vacuuming helps to remove a lot of dirt and dust from the home, and it should be done at least once per week. However, vacuuming alone is not always enough.

Although vacuuming can help with carpeted areas, sweeping is often a better choice for wood and tile floors. Sweeping the floor ensures that more of the dust bunnies are swept up, as this is where most of them tend to linger. Be sure to sweep under furniture, including the bed, dressers, and nightstands.

We Make it Easier to Keep Up With the Cleaning
Dust doesn’t stop accumulating, but the tips above can help to reduce the amount of dust that builds up. It should slow the proliferation of dust bunnies, but homeowners need to stay on top of all their cleaning duties. Even the best tools won’t be effective unless they are used consistently.

Consider using Casabella Infuse cleaning concentrate for hardwood floors, as well as the Casabella All-Purpose Cleaning concentrate. It can make dusting and cleaning away the dust bunnies much easier. Our Infuse Spray Mop is a great way to collect dust and debris on the floor. Try all of these Casabella dusters and other Casabella Infuse products to make cleaning easier and more effective!