There’s something so helpful about having a regular cleaning schedule – it can keep things from piling up by breaking it down into bite-size chunks of work of daily cleaning. But every good schedule starts with a mighty checklist!

Sure, you can walk from room to room with an all-purpose cleaner, looking for smudges and streaks, but having a checklist helps make sure you don’t miss any of the important bits.

Start with the Right Supplies

First, get a great all-purpose cleaner and microfiber cloths – which help attract and retain dust and debris while cleaning better than paper towels. Next, a glass cleaner for your windows and mirrors and a bathroom cleaner for tubs, sinks, and toilets. Last but not least: a multi-surface mop. This makes quick work of wood, tile, and laminate floors. This is the beauty of the Casabella Infuse cleaning system; it has all this and more for your cleaning closet.

Think in Terms of Surfaces

Some people like to think in rooms – e.g., clean the kitchen, then the bathroom, then bedrooms, etc. But if you think of surfaces, then you don’t have to be picking up and putting down different equipment. You can do all of the floors at once, same with countertops, etc. Do what works for you! But this might be a helpful way to break it down in terms of a cleaning checklist.

Pick Up Trash and Clutter

Hopefully, it’s not on the floor unless you have kids! But go through your home with a bag and tip out any trash cans, rearranging clutter along the way.

Wash the Dishes

Load up the dishwasher or sink and get this out of the way! And don’t forget to check bedrooms and back rooms for any plates, cups, or utensils first.

Next, It’s Laundry Time

Find a basket or hamper and go through the house again, picking up stray dirty clothes and popping them in the washing machine. If you have a regular cycle for changing bed linens, too, now’s the time to wash those. That way, the amount of laundry you need to fold once they come out of the dryer won’t be a huge headache.

Now You’re Ready for Surfaces!

Think about working from the top down… sweeping crumbs or debris onto the floor, and then cleaning it. Here’s our recommended approach:

Windows and mirrors, using a streak-free glass cleaner.

Dusting. A microfiber cloth works better than a duster or paper towel, grabbing onto dust and hair. And then you can just toss it into the laundry.

Countertops and work surfaces in every room – from the kitchen to bathrooms, including your stovetop. Be sure to use an all-purpose cleaner that’s non-toxic, like the Casabella Infuse All-Purpose cleaner.

Next, sinks, toilets, and tub, with a strong but environmentally friendly bathroom cleaner.

Last but not least, floors. Again, you can use a microfiber pad on your spray mop for a deeper clean, easy washing, and less harmful impact on the environment than throw-away cloths.

Taking this approach helps you make sure that weekly and monthly tasks are a cinch! And for bigger tasks like spring or fall cleaning, you can use the same checklist, just applied at a bigger scale.


*Casabella Infuse Cleaning Solutions are non-toxic when used as directed.