Can you believe it? The semester’s already drawing to an end! And whether you’re a freshman or a senior, the chances are good that you’ll have to move out of your dorm or apartment once the semester is done. With everything you’ve got going on – exams, getting time in with friends before the summer, or even (gasp!) graduation – let us make your move-out day easier.

Simple but Powerful Tools

It’s all about the microfiber cloths! You can use them for dusting, as a pad on a Spray Mop, and for countertops and surfaces… and when you’re done, they go into the laundry rather than the trash can, reducing the environmental impact of your cleaning. And with our Spray Concentrates – whether for all-purpose, glass, or bathroom cleaner – you’re also getting a non-toxic* and powerful clean in a system that uses 70% less plastic than competitors.

Start Before Finals

One of the greatest tips we heard when we were students was to start loading up boxes before your final exams. It can make a purposeful study break to clear your head, and when you’re done with your last final, you’ll be able to hang out with friends (and have less stress of packing ahead).

Now and Later Piles

Put things you’ll need for the summer in one set of boxes and things you won’t need until fall in another set. That way, you don’t have to see the other things until you’re ready for them in a few months.

Once you’re packed, then do a deep clean. First things first: the dreaded refrigerator! The last thing you want is the next resident coming into a stinky space that smells like moldy pizza or vegetables.

Then tackle the windows and mirrors, and then move “down the wall,” so any dust or crumbs that you sweep off the counter or sink fall onto the floor. And then, once you’ve scrubbed the tub, sinks, etc., you can run over everything with a spray mop – which works perfectly on any floor. 

Check Your Check-Out Policies

To ensure that you don’t incur any charges from the school, find your Move-Out Procedures online and make sure you’re taking care of everything you’re supposed to be. 

Moving out is always simpler than moving in because you don’t have to unpack everything and set it up. So spread it out over a few days and get ready for a fun summer!

*Casabella Infuse Cleaning Solutions are non-toxic when used as directed.