Pets and hardwood floors don’t usually mix, especially if you’ve had refinishing or you’ve replaced your flooring. You want to enjoy your floors without seeing tumbleweeds of fur, but keeping them clean is a struggle. How do you protect hardwood floors from dogs and other pets? It starts with a thorough cleaning process. 

Let's review hardwood-friendly products, cleaning techniques, and other tips to keep your hardwood floors looking great. 

Get the Right Broom

The right supplies are crucial to maintaining your hardwood floors, with or without pets at home. You need something that will clean the floors, but you don’t want to cause any damage in the process. That all starts with your broom.

A dependable Casabella pet hair broom [the PDP link must be added when available] removes all the excess fur and hair floating around. If you have high-shed breeds, it’s an invaluable tool. The dustpan comb makes it easier to trap and collect pet hair, and the unique angled cut makes pick-up a breeze. This broom does most of the work for you, and its particular design means it already has your pet in mind. 

In addition, a Casabella Upright Sweep Set cuts down on the work, and the rubber seal keeps dirt, dust, and pet fur from escaping. It’s a great everyday broom that also works well for pets. 

Take Mopping Seriously

Once you’ve got everything swept, it’s time to mop. The last thing you want to do is over-saturate hardwood floors, and you shouldn’t leave a lot of standing water. Mopping needs to be quick and efficient. You should use the correct tools, like the Casabella Clean Water Spin Mop. A quick mop takes just a few minutes each day. 

A good spin mop keeps you from spreading around dirty water, so you’re not going behind yourself to mop a second or third time. This means the floor dries faster (and cleaner). It’s also an excellent choice for cleaning up after pets. 

Get a Proper Seal 

Sealing your wood floors is the first line of protection against pets and other types of damage. If you have a high-traffic household, whether that traffic comes from furry feet or human ones, you need a floor with a tough finish. That’s typically easier to find with factory-finished wood, so keep it in mind when you’re looking to put down new floors. 

Keep Nails Trimmed 

Sometimes, all the cleaning and planning in the world doesn’t work as well as a good nail trim. Keeping your pet's nails short, either through clipping or grinding, makes them less likely to damage your hardwood floors. 

There are plenty of excellent at-home trimmers out there. If your pet makes it too hard to handle the trim, schedule regular appointments with a groomer or ask your family vet to assist with nail trims. Good grooming habits keep your pet healthier and happier, too, so it’s essential for more than just your hardwood floors. 

Deal With Messes Right Away

You wouldn’t leave a spill sitting on the carpet, would you? Apply the same urgency to hardwood flooring, especially concerning pet messes. Urine, for instance, can be highly acidic and cause staining. It’s also easy to track to other areas of the house, meaning it might end up on other parts of your wood flooring, carpet, or furniture. Clean up stains immediately for the sake of your floor and home. Furthermore, regular cleaning and maintenance of hardwood floors should be done to help reduce the chances of leaving a lasting stain. It’s a good idea to sweep and mop your hardwood flooring on a weekly basis and spot clean stains as they occur.

Pets and Hardwood Flooring Can Go Together 

You can have beautiful hardwood flooring, a clean home, and your beloved pets simultaneously. With great products like the Casabella Clean Water Spin Mop, a regular cleaning routine, and hardwood-friendly products and techniques, your floors will look as good as new. Tidying up pet hair and muddy paw prints is a small price to pay to have the home and companionship you want!