In theory, mopping seems simple. You put water on the floor, push it around, and your floors are sparkling clean. Reality tends to tell a different story; if you don’t use the right technique, you’ll have disappointing results. Even with ultra-helpful spin mops like the Casabella Clean Water Spin Mop, you still have to do things correctly to get your floors truly clean. 

Let’s look at how to mop to get your floors spotless and the seven major things to avoid. Learning what not to do is the first step toward doing things right. 

#1 - Not Removing Dirt and Debris 

Before you get to mopping, go over the area with a vacuum. Brooms are helpful, too, but come with the risk of sending some particles into the air and letting them settle in another place. Vacuuming does a more thorough job of removing them. Of course, if you’re looking to get the place seriously clean, you can always do both! The goal is to remove as much dirt as possible and leave you with a smooth canvas for mopping. 

#2 - Using Too Much Water 

Spin mops are excellent at managing excess water, but you don’t need to soak your floors to mop in the first place. That’s especially true if you’re mopping hardwood, which may be damaged if it stays too wet. Take advantage of the unique design and wring as much water from the mop as possible before using it. 

#3 - Choosing the Wrong Solution 

At best, the wrong solution keeps your floor from getting clean. At worst, it causes damage. Before purchasing a mopping solution, ensure it’s safe for your flooring type. Multi-surface cleaners are great, but do your due diligence and read the label. 

#4 - Using Dirty Water 

Generally speaking, you should avoid mopping with dirty water – whether you’re using a spin mop or the more traditional variety. You’ll spread dirty water instead of cleaning your floors. Fortunately, the Casabella spin mop solves that problem for you with its unique two-bucket system that separates your clean and dirty water! 

#5 - Not Changing the Mop Head 

Like mopping with dirty water, keeping a dirty mop head attached only spreads grime instead of cleaning it. That’s the last thing you want to do. The easiest way to always have a clean mop head is to keep an extra on hand, like the Clean Water Spin Mop Refill. Always mop with a clean mop head for best results! 

#6 - Diluting Incorrectly

As mentioned above, choosing the right cleaning solution is vital, but its preparation is equally important. If you’re buying a concentrated solution, follow the instructions on the side to get the correct dilution ratios. It’s essential for cleaning your floors, disinfecting, and avoiding any damage to the floor’s finish and surface. You may also run into annoying problems like sticky floors. That negates the whole purpose of mopping in the first place, so measure things carefully and follow the ratios in your solution. 

#7 - Incorrect Technique 

Mops are not all created equally, and all techniques are different. Taking your mop around in circles or following a zig-zag pattern ends up soaking portions of your floor with more water than necessary. As we learned above, that’s one of the last things you want to do. Not only do you risk not getting your floors thoroughly cleaned, but you may also force excess moisture down into wood floors and push them one more step toward discoloration and wood rot. 

Instead, mop straight, and don’t box yourself in. If you’ve just mopped your floor and then have to step over it with dirty feet, you undo the job you just worked hard on. Begin on the side of the room furthest from the door, mop in straight lines, and get yourself back to an exit. Wait until your floors are dry (if possible) before walking on them again. 

Put That Spin Mop to Good Use 

The Casabella Clean Water Spin Mop is the best around, and you don’t want to waste its potential by making the simple mistakes above. By following our tips, you’ll get a better clean and possibly even extend the life of your floors. Dirt, grime, and hard use wear floors out, but proper cleaning technique helps them last as long as possible. That's just another reason to use your mop properly.