Casabella Infuse Microfiber Cloths, For All Your Cleaning Needs: 

Many tools have been designed to help make cleaning easier. From paper towels, sponges, towels, and microfiber towels, cleaning should be so easy. However, knowing which product is best can be challenging with thousands of options. Fortunately, Casabella Infuse has a variety of products, such as an all-purpose cleaner, microfiber cloths, and floor mops that are reusable, which will bring lifelong savings. 

We are on a mission to bring products that clean homes beautifully and leave an as little environmental impact as possible. Casabella Infused products feature the benefits of reusability and the long-term economic advantages of reducing household waste. 

To follow our commitment, we have designed several microfiber cloths for all your household cleaning needs. Microfiber cleaning cloths are made from synthetic materials. They have a net-like structure, allowing the fabric to be breathable yet absorbent.

Benefits of Microfiber:

  1. Designed as a superior fabric compared to standard cotton. Casabella Infuse Microfiber cleaning cloths are made to collect dust, grime, and bacteria that cotton can't reach.
  2. High level of absorbency - can be used wet or dry.
  3. Long-Lasting - designed for reusability, the microfiber doesn't wear and tear easily after washing.

Casabella Infuse Bathroom Microfiber Cloths

  • Made for the bathroom, these microfiber cleaning cloths are texturized for scratch-free cleaning and hard-to-reach spaces. 
  • Great for bathroom tile: porcelain and ceramic, stainless steel, and bathroom fixtures.

Casabella Infuse Glass and Window Microfiber Cloths

  • With its absorbent honeycomb texture, the Glass & Window Microfiber cleaning cloths lift and lock dirt and smudges for a streak-free cleanup. 
  • These microfiber cloths are safe for glassware, windows, and electronic devices without leaving a scratch.

Casabella Infuse All-Purpose Microfiber Cloths

  • Made to be used all around the house, the Casabella Infuse All-Purpose Microfiber Cloth is ideal for all surfaces.
  • Dual-sided for tough messes, super absorbent on any spill, and traps dust without scratching, this microfiber cleaning cloth can do it all.

Casabella Microfiber Dusting Cloth

  • The Casabella Microfiber Dusting Cloth is perfect for any dusting job, whether at home or in the office.
  • Extra thick microfiber texture, not only will it attract dirt and dust, but it will also retain like a magnet.


For all your cleaning needs, Casabella has you covered.