Brooms are the unsung heroes of home cleaning. We pay much more attention to vacuums and even mops, but where would we be without the humble broom and dustpan? 

Of course, all brooms are not created equal. If you're shopping for a new broom, you should look for specific features to ensure you get the right fit for your needs. For some, the “right fit” broom might be the Casabella Upright Sweep Set, but others may need something smaller or larger. 

Broom Size

Size is one of the first things to consider when choosing a broom and dustpan. Do you need something for sweeping up small messes? If so, an angle brush and dustpan might be a better option. These are useful for keeping in the kitchen, near the backdoor, or anywhere else you're likely to need to spot-sweep quickly. 

However, if you need to clean larger areas, you’ll want a bigger broom. The wider the head, the more capable it will be of cleaning larger spaces with fewer strokes. So, match the size of your sweep set to the size of the space.

Bristle Type

Did you know that manufacturers design brooms with different types of bristles? It’s true. Each type of bristle brings something different to the table. For instance, feathered bristles are designed to capture more dust. 

Pointed bristles are designed to help get into corners and tight spaces more efficiently. Soft bristles are better for polished floors, while more rigid bristles work best on rougher surfaces. 

Choose a broom and dustpan with the right bristle type for your needs. Understand that this will likely mean you need to buy more than one broom for different areas of your home.

The Broom Head Angle

While perusing broom models, you’ll notice that some have straight broom heads while others are angled or even diamond-shaped. The broom head angle is about more than aesthetics. A broom's head and bristle shape determine how well it performs specific duties.

For instance, angled bristles help you get into corners. A diamond-shaped head helps with corners but can also be used under tables and in other hard-to-reach areas. Straight heads are only well-suited to basic cleaning tasks and don't get into corners or tight spots very well. 

Nesting Design

Buying a broom and dustpan shouldn't mean struggling to find storage space for them. Look for an option that features a nesting design. Nesting allows the broom and dustpan to fit neatly together, requiring less storage space. You should also ensure that the broom can hang on a peg or hook in your pantry or garage so that you don't have to dedicate floor space to it. 

Cleaning Teeth

While most of the features we're discussing relate to the broom, your dustpan should also bring some features to the party. One of those is a set of cleaning teeth. These can be indispensable in your cleaning and will help you save time and effort.

Cleaning teeth are precisely what they sound like – specially designed projections on the dustpan that allow you to quickly remove hairballs, dust bunnies, and other debris trapped in your broom’s bristles. If you leave this type of debris in place, your broom’s bristles will be unable to collect more dust. Removing it by hand can be frustrating and messy. Cleaning teeth help you avoid that issue.

Rubber Lip

The final feature to look for when choosing a broom and dustpan is a rubber lip on the dustpan. While it might seem of minor importance, it makes a significant difference in your experience and the performance of the sweep set.

When you hold the dustpan and sweep dust and debris into it, the rubber lip does two things. First, it helps anchor the dustpan in place so it doesn't move. Second, it helps ensure that all the dust is swept into the dustpan rather than leaving a long line of debris that you'll need to make pass after pass to finally get up. 

Finding the Perfect Broom and Dustpan

Choosing the right Casabella broom for your needs can be surprisingly tricky. There's a great deal to consider, from the size of the space to the types of jobs the broom will be called on to handle. Understand that there is no one-size-fits-all solution – different brooms are required for different tasks. Trying to use a single broom for everything will only result in disappointment.

We recommend choosing two or more brooms to help you keep your entire home clean and neat. From the convenience of the Casabella Upright Sweep Set, with its long-handled dustpan and folding design, to the corner-grime-fighting capabilities of our angle brush and dustpan, and the heavy-duty cleaning capabilities of our extra-large broom and dustpan, there's a tool for every task.