If you’re a pet owner, you already know you’re in an endless battle with pet hair. Whether you have one dog or a half dozen furry friends running around, there’s always a bit of fluff stuck to the couch, a few stray hairs blowing across the floor, or evidence of your friendship stuck to your favorite shirt. 

It may seem like there’s no solution, but you’ll find relief with products like the Casabella Large Power Core Pet Broom and Dustpan. You don’t have to constantly chase around every piece of pet fur to keep a clean home. Instead, look for an effective pet hair remover and try different cleaning strategies to reduce your workload. 

Get the Right Equipment for the Job 

Minimizing the amount of pet hair in your home starts with your cleaning products and tools. You’ll need a solid pet hair broom for picking up and holding pet hair. Even a quick sweep becomes more effective when using items designed with pets in mind.

For instance, the Upright Sweep Set combines the versatility of a standard broom with the staying power of a rubber pet hair broom. Thanks to the angled bristles and rubber lip at the end of the dustpan, you can work pet hair out of every corner of your house without watching it blow out of your dustpan after all that effort. 

Once you’ve done a house sweep, follow up with a thorough mopping with the Clean Water Spin Mop. It easily handles even the most stubborn dirt, making it an ideal companion to finish your post-pet cleanup. You won’t have to worry about spreading dirt thanks to the two-bucket system, and this mop’s unique shape even helps scrub up anything sticky on the floor. 

Having the right equipment is your first line of defense against all kinds of messes. You’ll do less work yet see better results. 

Don’t Skip Brushing Pets 

Some pets shed more than others, but they all need proper brushing of their coats. It’s better for their health, as it helps maintain healthy skin, lets their coat breathe, and reduces problems like matted fur, fleas, ticks, and other issues. Regular brushing also reduces shedding, especially during certain times of the year. 

Certain dog breeds go through phases where they “blow their coat,” meaning that regular shedding intensifies, and hair comes out in clumps. Huskies, German shepherds, Alaskan malamutes, and Australian shepherds are breeds that experience coat blow. Thorough, regular grooming is the only way to keep your home from becoming a fur-lined fortress during those times. 

However, regular brushing is essential even for breeds who don’t experience those periods of intense shedding. Your pets will feel better and look better with regular brushing, and you’ll spend less time cleaning up the hair they leave behind. Try this schedule: 

  • Dogs - Every two days (or daily) for medium to long-haired breeds and at least once a week for short-haired breeds
  • Cats - Daily (or at least every two days) for medium to long-haired breeds and weekly for short-haired cats 

Use an Air Filter 

You don’t need allergies to have a HEPA air filter in your home, especially if you have pets. Good air filters remove pet dander, hair, dirt, and debris from the air. Even with regular sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming, you can't remove all evidence. Air filters reach all parts of your house, allowing you to clean the air. 

If you have guests or family members with sensitivities or severe allergies, installing a HEPA filter helps keep them comfortable. 

Relax in Your Clean Home 

The truth is, you’ll never remove every strand of pet hair from your home. If you have pets, they will shed in your house, and you must accept that to some degree. But with specially designed tools like the Casabella Large Power Core Pet Broom and Dustpan, you’ll be able to look around and know you did your best. 

Put your feet up for a while, or step outside and throw a ball with your pet. Your house is clean, and you’re not stuck putting in hours of sweat and work to keep it that way. Stick to your routine, keep your pet-friendly cleaning tools on hand, and you’re set up for success.