Kitchen Organization: Cleaning and Tools

The kitchen is one of the rooms in the house that’s most often used and the one that tends to get dirty and disorganized the most. This is because it sees so much use each day. However, with a bit of care and attention, along with the right tips, it is possible to keep this space clean and organized.

Organizing the Kitchen
The kitchen should run like a well-oiled machine. This means it needs to be uncluttered and everything needs to have its place. The tips below will help.

Get Rid of What’s Not Needed
A lot of kitchens end up filled with appliances, utensils, dishware, and other things that don’t need to be there. This causes a quick buildup of clutter. The first thing to do in the kitchen is to remove all the items that aren’t used regularly. They can be put into storage, sold, given away, or thrown away if they are no longer necessary.

Having more room in the kitchen doesn’t mean getting more appliances and utensils, though. It means that rearranging and organizing will be easier.

Rearrange Items
Now is the time to start rearranging items. Consider what is used most often and make sure it is easy to reach. Move appliances that aren’t used every day off the counters, so there is more usable space.

Cleaning the Kitchen
Organization is only part of keeping the kitchen in shape. It also needs to stay clean and that doesn’t happen without some work. It’s possible to make this work a lot easier with the right tools.

Have Quality Cleaning Supplies and Tools
Cleaning the kitchen and the sink tends to be a lot easier with all of the right tools and supplies on hand. A good option to place on the kitchen sink is the Sink Sider Solo Kitchen Soap Pump and Sponge Caddy from Casabella. This is a 2-in-1 soap and sponge caddy that includes a soap pump and a holder for a sponge, making a perfect dishwashing solution. It’s easy to use and to refill, and it helps to keep things more organized.

The caddy could be used for cleaning dishes, or it could be used for a range of other purposes. It could contain handwashing soap, for example. It could also be used in other rooms of the house apart from the kitchen, such as the laundry room or a bathroom.

Keep all the cleaning supplies used for the kitchen within easy reach, so cleaning is always convenient. The further away the tools are, the less likely they are to be used.

Clean Out the Refrigerator
Just about everyone has at least one or two mystery or expired items in the refrigerator. At least once a month, be sure to clean it out and remove anything that should be tossed. Wipe down all the shelves with some warm water and mild soap, and then dry them with a clean cloth.

Keep the Countertops, Sink, and Floor Clean
The countertops and the sink must be cleaned each day. Simply wipe them down after using them, as well as at the end of the day. This takes only a few minutes and it reduces the amount of mess, plus the amount of cleanup that would be required later.

Clean up any spills on the floor as they happen. If not, they tend to get sticky and attract dirt and grime. Be sure to mop the kitchen once per week, or as needed in the event of a large spill.

Failure to clean up regularly doesn’t just result in a larger mess. Sometimes, messes in the kitchen can also attract insects or rodents.

Help It Stay Clean
Once the kitchen has been cleaned, make sure that it stays that way. This is simple to do with a little daily maintenance and a more thorough cleaning about once per week.

Additionally, when people clean as they go, rather than at the end of the day, it helps to make it easier. Clean up any spills right away. Wipe out the sink after washing dishes. When cooking, clean up other parts of the kitchen while waiting for your food to cook, to make the most efficient use of your time.

Make use of these tips. A well-kept and organized kitchen is a happy kitchen, and Casabella can help you keep your kitchen beautiful and clean.