With summer in full swing, now’s the time to upgrade your cleaning routine! If you’re feeling stuck in a cleaning-related rut and your routine just doesn’t seem to be cutting it, changing things up can help. 

It’s about more than change for the sake of change, though. We have five ways to upgrade your summer cleaning routine that will change your relationship with housekeeping and even benefit the planet.

Make Time to Clean

We get it. Summers are busy. There's the family vacation, shuttling kids to camp or friends' houses, and get-togethers to host. Creating a cleaning routine is tough when you're constantly on the go. 

To help ensure that your home isn’t overrun with dirt and grime while you’re on the road, make an effort to develop one simple daily cleaning habit and then stick with it. Choose one thing you'll do every single day of the summer, whether that's tidying the bathroom, mopping the kitchen, or something else.

We recommend that you choose one of your pet peeves. That way, you can tackle something that you find frustrating, which gives you a sense of accomplishment. As doing that task becomes second nature, you can begin introducing new cleaning habits.

Use Less Electricity in Your Summer Cleaning

Electricity generated from non-renewable sources isn't sustainable. It's also expensive. You can address both by leaving the vacuum cleaner off a few days each week. Instead, go with manual power and use the high-quality Casabella Upright Sweep Set

The right broom and dustpan set will help transform your summer cleaning, allowing you to clean up dirt, dust, debris, and more in seconds without breaking out the vacuum or using a single watt of electricity. 

Plus, if you buy the right model, the broom and dustpan nest together to save space and can be hung on a peg in the garage or pantry to keep them out of the way. And when you opt for a set made from recycled plastic, you're doing even more good for the planet.

Welcome Natural Cleaners for a Fresh Summer Deep Clean

If you're like most people, you rely on cleaners to help you get tough grime and spills up from your floors. That's understandable, but do you know what's in your cleaner? 

Do your family’s health a favor and switch to a spray mop that uses a green cleaning formula that’s biodegradable, non-toxic, and free from phthalates, BPA, carcinogens, and parabens. The benefits don’t stop there. 

The right spray mop will also offer a refillable reservoir that helps you reduce your plastic waste and a reusable microfiber head that captures more bacteria while eliminating the need to use disposable mop heads. 

Say Goodbye to Dust in Your Summer Cleaning Routine

Dust – it's everywhere. It builds up fast, too. It seems like as soon as you finish dusting your house, you must start again. Plus, it's unhealthy and can aggravate allergies in addition to being so unsightly.

There’s good news for your summer cleaning routine, however. An extendable microfiber duster can make a big difference in your dusting game! 

Microfiber dusters capture more dust than conventional dusters, and you just need to knock out the dust or toss the duster in the washer when you're done. That means less dust kicked back into the air to get into your lungs or resettle elsewhere, a longer-lasting clean for your home, and better health for you and your family! 

Look for an extendable microfiber duster, too. An extendable handle allows you to dust in those hard-to-reach areas without having to get out your stepladder. Imagine being able to dust ceiling fan blades and the tops of your cabinets while standing firmly on the floor!

Invest in a New Mop to Support Your Summer Cleaning Routine

Are you still using an old string mop? Maybe you have a sponge mop or even an older-style spin mop. Whatever the case, newer mop designs have a lot to offer. 

A modern spin mop is lighter, stronger, and better able to handle spills and even heavy soiling. Plus, with some models, you benefit from microfiber mop heads and can use a two-bucket system that ensures you're using clean water on your floors rather than just smearing dirt and grime around. 

Look for a spin mop system with interlocking buckets that can be nested together to save space in your home and a mop that easily hangs from a hook or peg. The buckets should also be lightweight and easily carried around your home.

Reinventing Your Summer Cleaning Routine Is Easier Than You Think!

With the Casabella Upright Sweep Set and other new tools — as well as a changed mindset about what you can accomplish each day with a busy summer schedule — keeping your home clean has never been easier.