Summertime is officially here. That means spending more time with your kids, cooking out in the backyard, traveling on vacation, and many other activities! It's such an exciting time.

Well, maybe not so much for your home's cleanliness. Maintaining a clean home over summer vacation can be challenging for anyone. There's good news for anyone wondering how to keep a house clean this summer while still enjoying family time. We've got your summer cleaning survival tips right here!

From investing in easy-to-use tools that save you time and effort, like the Casabella Clean Water Spin Mop, to important tips that keep you organized, we'll discuss everything you need to know.

Dust Those Ceiling Fans for Summer

You'll want to keep your cool this summer, and with people coming and going, that's hard to do with your A/C alone. Make sure you use your ceiling fans, but clean all the dust off the blades before you turn them on this year. An extendable duster can be your best friend here. And once you’ve dusted the blades, reverse the motor so that the fan moves air down instead of pulling it upward (you’ll reverse them again when winter rolls around).

Clean Out Your Fridge

Are you struggling with how to keep a clean house? One critical part of summer cleaning is taking stock of what's in the fridge. With summer in full swing, you need space for sliced watermelon, burger patties, and delicious salad fixings. That means getting rid of all the sad leftovers and condiments from spring. You can also involve the family. Cleaning with kids helps teach them responsibility and will make the process go faster. 

As a tip, regularly rotate that summer produce out of the fridge. Did you miss the cookout because of rain, and now your corn on the cob looks sad? Toss it instead of saving it. 

Pay Attention to Your Floors

If your floors are dirty, your whole home will eventually get dirty. Kids and pets track dirt literally everywhere, and with more people coming and going than during other seasons, it's easy to feel like you're losing the battle here. 

Invest in a good broom and dustpan, and then keep it somewhere handy that's easily accessible from your highest traffic areas (the kitchen, the dining room, and around the front and back doors, usually). That way, you can easily sweep up dirt and debris before it gets spread around your entire home!

Here's another tip – spin mops can be your best friend when it comes to how to keep a house clean during the summer. Lightweight and easily moved, you can tackle spills and stains on the fly without having to dedicate much time to deep cleaning.

Create a Cleaning Schedule

Yes, summer is busy. But chances are good that you have an idea of what will happen and when. Your daughter leaves for camp in a week. Your son will be at his friend's house Monday and Tuesday. The family leaves for vacation at the end of July. Use that information to create a cleaning schedule that allows you to tackle what needs to be done on the fly. 

Don't feel like you need to take on all those cleaning tasks yourself, either. Assign some to every family member so everyone has something to do and no one is unduly burdened. After all, parents deserve to enjoy the summer, too!

Do a Load of Laundry Every Day

You might be able to get away with doing laundry once a week during the rest of the year, but summer is different. From beach towels and swimsuits to stained tablecloths and sweaty t-shirts, there's just so much that must be washed. Do yourself a favor and start a load of laundry every morning so you can keep up with everything.

Put Stuff Away

Okay, this one's hard for anyone, especially if you just returned from the beach or have arrived home from vacation. It's natural to drop the bags by the door and sink into a chair. Many of us find that we're still living out of suitcases a few days after returning from our annual beach trip. 

Put stuff away when you walk in the door. Yes, it’s hard to motivate yourself. No, your kids won’t be excited. But you’ll be grateful the next day (and next week) when you’re not dealing with a pile of stuff.

How to Keep a Clean House: Don’t Let Summer Dictate Terms

There you have it – your guide to keeping your home clean even during the peak of summer busyness. Make sure you have the right tools for each task, like the Casabella Clean Water Spin Mop, and go ahead and create a cleaning schedule, assign tasks to everyone, and don’t let tasks like laundry or putting away your gear detract from the season.