Washing floors is a task that everyone has to do. It may not be exciting, but it is fulfilling to have a clean space, especially when the work is easy. One of the best ways to make the work easy while cleaning floors is to use clean water and keep the water clean. This can be done using a dual-bucket system, one with clean water (and cleaning solution) and one to rinse and spin the mop and deposit dirty water. The Casabella Clean Water Spin Mop allows homeowners to do just that. With one bucket for clean water and another bucket for dirty water, and a spinner for spinning the excess water and debris out of the mop head, clean water stays clean.

There are many advantages to using clean water to mop floors, especially compared to a traditional mop system that allows the water to get dirty as the floors are mopped.

1) Clean Water Means the Floors are Actually Clean 

When mopping with one bucket of water, dirt is deposited into the water every time the mop travels from the floor into the water. As the floors are mopped, the water becomes progressively dirtier. This means the floors are now being cleaned with dirty water, and the previous dirt and debris could be left on the "clean" floor. In reality, a freshly mopped floor is probably not clean if dirty mop water is used. Using the best clean-water spin mop can increase the chances of having a clean floor after it is mopped.

2) Only Mop Once & the Floors are Germ-Free

Many homeowners will mop their floors with a traditional mop and bucket, dump the bucket of dirty water, refill the clean water, then go over the floors again with the cleaner water. This process is time-consuming and tedious. It may even take more than two attempts to clean the floors using this method. Using a clean water mop greatly reduces time, and mopping is done just once.

The spread of harmful germs and bacteria is reduced when using clean water with a cleaning solution to mop floors. This is essential in a home with children, pets, and immune-compromised people. By washing floors with dirty mop water, homeowners risk spreading germs from one area to another. This can be especially true when mopping in areas like bathrooms or kitchens, where germs linger, ready to be spread to other living spaces. Using the Casabella Spin Mop, clean water stays clean, and dirt and germs stay in the dirty water bucket. Mopping the entire house can be done with one mop and this two-bucket system without changing the water to avoid spreading germs.

3) Less Work Rinsing And Dumping

Some homeowners mop part of the flooring, dump the dirty water, refill their buckets with clean water, and then finish mopping the floors. Just like mopping multiple times in one session, this is tedious and may not prevent dirty water from being used and spreading germs. By using a clean water mopping system and the best spin mop, homeowners only have to dump the water once - when the mopping is complete.

4) Less Chance of Scratching Floors

When using the same water to mop all floors, debris from the previous floors could get tangled in the mop and then be deposited onto the new floors that are being mopped. It could have the potential to scratch or damage this flooring. When using clean water to mop, the likelihood of this happening is very low. A clean water mop ensures only water is deposited onto the floor and floors are protected from damage.

5) Improved Air Quality

Keeping floors clean keeps the air quality better, too. Allergy sufferers can really benefit from this. Dirt and germs picked up from the floors get transferred into the air when you mop with dirty water. The wash water is always clean when you use the Casabella spin mop, so dirt and germs can't spread around.

Ensure the Water Is Clean — Mop with a Casabella Clean Water Spin Mop

Clean water is vital when it comes to mopping floors. Even those who don't have health issues benefit from not using dirty water to mop the floors for these five reasons. Choose the Casabella Spin Mop and clean water system for a healthier home. It offers the best results and saves time and energy. It is also environmentally friendly because it uses less water and saves money.