Labor Day is here. It's time to get out the red, white, and blue to decorate your living space or front porch to celebrate all the laborers in the United States. Established by President Grover Cleveland in 1894, this federal holiday celebrates the labor movement. Labor Day also marks the unofficial end of summer, and many of us associate this holiday with "back to school" time and the closing of the club or neighborhood swimming pool. While the pool closing can be a rather sad occasion, getting the kids back to school can offset that mindset. Returning to a routine feels good after a few months of summer activities and outdoor recreation.

Labor Day can also be a great time to reset your home after all the hustle and bustle of the summer. Picnics, barbecues, trips to the park, trips to the beach, sporting events like baseball or swim meets, embarking on some hikes, camping, and many other outside activities have kept you active and busy. With that increased outdoor activity comes tracking dirt, sand, and grit into the house, and your time has been limited for dusting, sweeping, and mopping. No worries, you'll get caught up and back to your cleaning routine, and the Casabella Clean Water Spin Mop can be an instrumental tool as you return to some normalcy.

That extra day off work for Labor Day is a great time for tidying up your home and outdoor living spaces. With the change in seasons looming, you may be getting ready for the younger grade school kids to return to school. Shopping for school supplies or school clothes keeps you busy. As for college-aged kids in the home, it's a time to clear out their room, change their bedding and curtains, and prepare them for dorm life. Shopping for toiletries, sheets, towels, and cleaning supplies for them to keep their college dorm room tidy is all part of the ritual. Resetting your home for the upcoming fall will get your living spaces in tip-top shape so you can get back into your school year routine after a busy summer.

The Casabella Spin Mop is a must-have for many reasons this Labor Day. 

Reason #1

The Casabella Spin Mop Dual-Bucket system is, hands down, the best spin mop money can buy. Two separate buckets for clean and dirty water and the microfiber material on the mop head are key elements in achieving an overall clean with the best spin mop. This mop has revolutionized the mopping ritual and process. Clean water means clean floors. The Casabella Spin Mop makes a common chore uncommonly effective. Rather than dirty mop water permeating your floors, you are cleaning with a dual-bucket system which will help remove germs, grit, dirt, muck, and filth. Why risk cross-contaminating your home with dirty floors and the spread of germs? 

Reason #2

Your mopping time will be reduced, allowing you more leisure time to focus on other work or play. Due to the ease of filling and emptying your clean and dirty water into any bathtub, shower basin, or sink, you can simply use the water and drain nearest the area you are mopping and switch out the clean and dirty water quickly and easily. The Casabella Clean Water Spin Mop means no more single-bucket mopping and dealing with floors that look clean but actually harbor germs and bacteria.

Reason #3

Stowing your Casabella Spin Mop System is compact and out of the way! You can nest the two buckets inside each other and keep your supplies within easy reach but out of sight. If you need to bust out your spin mop for an accidental spill, tracked-in mud by a dog or husband working in the yard, or a quick cleanup under your toddler's highchair, it is easily retrievable for spot cleaning whenever the need arises.

Reason #4

The soft microfiber mop head is absorbent and pivots 360 degrees to get into every nook and cranny on all floors. This mop head is the best for cleaning hardwood floors, laminate vinyl flooring, ceramic tile floors, linoleum, or concrete on your patio. You eliminate moving heavy furniture because the pivoting mop head lets you get underneath all your furniture to give you a fabulous all-around clean!

Casabella Spin Mop: The Ultimate Clean Water Mop

Ditch the old-school, single-mop bucket way of cleaning your floors, and get the Casabella Spin Mop Dual-Bucket System. It is the ultimate cleaning tool. The Casabella Spin Mop is designed to make mopping more efficient and less labor-intensive. You'll enjoy a cleaner, more pristine home and a sense of satisfaction knowing you have the best spin mop ever!