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OK, Ladies and Gentleman – in today’s post we are going to tackle our bathroom vanity, tub window sill, window, tub tile and shower door. Our tools for today’s job will be the Casabella Flex Dispensing Brush, Flex Neck TNT Scrubber, and XL Silicone Squeegee. With these three tools, you can take on multiple areas – the Flex Dispensing Brush with dispensing soap will agitate and clean all surfaces and the TNT Scrubber will clean all of those hard to reach areas, while the XL Squeegee will rinse the soapy foam away and leave a streak-free shine.


To begin, we need to prep our Casabella Flex Dispensing Brush by filling it with our favorite cleaning fluid – I recommend a non-toxic general cleaner that can foam. Once the brush is full, secure the cap, and place the brush on the surface you want to clean. For this session we start with the sink and vanity area – a few gentle squeezes of the trigger is all you need to propel the cleaning solution on your surface. Let the solution soak in and then watch the nylon bristles of the brush do the heavy lifting. As you scrub gently in a circular motion, you will see the foamy solution begin to pull the dirt, soap scum, toothpaste residue, and grime away from your vanity


Flex Dispensing Scrubber

Flex Dispensing Brush


Then I will grab my Flex Neck TNT Scrubber and work my way from top to bottom. I can easily clean corners high on our bathroom walls to even the furthest tile in the corner of the bathtub cleaning mildew and soap. To complete the job, you can use either a wet rag or I prefer, the XL Silicone Squeegee for a no-streak shine!

Next area that is easily overlooked, and probably due for a clean, is the window sill area above your bathtub. The Flex dispensing brush is “flexible” and “delicate” enough to use on the plastic sill area. A few squirts of cleaning solution from the dispenser and you’re ready to go. Take a look at what my rag pulled up from this often overlooked area in the bathroom!!

Working down from the window sill, we enter into the tub and tile area. One of the tightest areas in this region is between the back ledge of the tub and the wall. There is a “trough” of tile here where mildew and soap scum can breed. The Casabella Flex Dispensing Brush is just the right width and contour that you can place the flex head of the brush into this tight clearance area and get just enough vibration between the bristles and tile to power out the grime. Finish out the job with a few swipes of the Silicone Squeegee for a clean rinse.


Flex Neck TNT Scrubber

I love finishing the bathroom with a wipe down of the shower door. This is always a breeding ground for scum and soap residue. For this area, a rag with clean water, tiny bit of gentle bathroom cleaner, and the XL Silicone Squeegee is all you need. After agitating the door with the cloth and soap, press the edge of the squeegee against the door and move your ergonomic handle in a downward motion. Once you complete a pass through, wipe the squeegee with a clean rag to collect the dirty deposits. The Silicone squeegee is so flexible that it does not take much force for you to glide the tool across any surface you want to clean.

Until next time friends, enjoy cleaning!

XL Squeegee


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