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Like many of us, I am sure you are tired of using cleaning agents, degreasers, and other smelly disinfectants to sanitize your surfaces. Cleaning your glasses, mirrors, counters, and stainless steel surfaces just got less toxic, less costly and simple with these three NEW Casabella Microfiber cloths!

Just add water, wring out and wipe! You will be flabbergasted when you experience the power of what these cloths can do when combined with a few drops of tap water. Imagine cleaning your kitchen with a set of only three cloths - one for glass, one for countertops and one for your stainless steel appliances. Do not be apprehensive - these cloths will: obliterate greasy prints on the fridge, abolish syrup stains on the counter, and annihilate insect tracks on your windows and glass patio doors. The proprietary secret to these cloths is in the way the fibers are woven together - they act essentially as charged magnets to attract dust, dirt and fingerprints. Give up the noxious cleaners and let these microfiber cloths do the heavy cleaning for you! 


Microfiber Glass Cleaning Cloth


The microfiber glass cloth is soft and smooth. Its textured cloth is versatile enough that in one glide you can eradicate everything from an oily fingerprint to a splattered toothpaste streaks. Moreover, what I love about this cloth, versus other inferior Microfibers, is there is no lint left behind!


Microfiber All Surface Scrubby Cloth


After the kitchen, head to your living room and take a stab at using the scrubby microfiber cloth to dry clean your centerpiece, coffee table, and other horizontal and vertical furniture pieces. I guarantee your cleaning time will be cut in half as the step of "spraying the cleaner" is no longer required.


Microfiber All Surface Scrubby Cloth


Finally - you have to check out the stainless steel microfiber cloth. This cloth will clean up all those sticky messes that blemish your appliances. Take this cloth to your bathroom as a quick "tidy-up" to shine up the bathroom faucets! Or if you are like me, you may take this one to your chrome fender on your truck as a "quick detail" after being washed.


Microfiber Stainless Steel Cloth


The best part is the reduce, reuse philosophy - these cloths are washable and ready for years of durability! One more quick tip! When you wash them, toss them into a laundry bag to prevent lint from other clothes to get on these great cloths! This will help them to last even longer!





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