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Casabella Kind Dish Darling

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100% plant-based with natural cellulose core. Hand-sewn and dye-free. Agave wrapped scrubber perfect for everyday messes.

This scrubby little pad is almost too cute to be so tough on grime, but it is. The Dish Darling Agave Scrubber is a chubby little nugget of sponge power, packed in an ecofriendly wrapper. A natural replacement for plastic or copper mesh scrubber pads, the pad is made of natural agave twine that works hard on scrubbing the grime off any household task. It is plant based, glue free and dye free so you can clean with a conscience. And it's even hand sewn for the complete eco-friendly product you've been looking for.

Product Features

  • Made from natural agave twine.
  • This is the natural replacement for those plastic or copper scrubber pads.
  • It makes removing even baked-on food kind of fun and quite easy. Dye-free and 100% plant based.
  • Glue free and hand sewn
  • Measures a compact and easy to use 3.4" square
  • WASHABLE AND REUSABLE: Hand wash the sponge and allow it to air dry after use
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    What Clients Say

    I am loving the Infuse products. We use them at my vacation rental and in my home. I love having less waste and being able to store lots of backups without taking up too much space.
    - Jacqueline
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    I love that this mop separates the dirty water from the clean water. I don't see any streaks on the floor and it stores so easily.
    - Ezzzy
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    This cleans so much better than any of the other reusable mops, great for a quick swipe over pet trampled tile! Makes the whole house smell clean and fresh!
    - Melissa
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