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Bathroom Microfiber Cloths - 2 Pack

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Bathroom messes disappear with Casabella Infuse Bathroom Microfiber Cloths. Designed to clean a variety of surfaces including stainless steel, porcelain and ceramic, and bathroom fixtures, these cloths use electrically charged fibers to pick up dust, dirt, and other grime. Plus, they're designed with the environment in mind, and can be washed and reused, over and over again.

  • Cost-effective--low-waste alternative to paper towels
  • Super absorbent microfiber--lifts and holds dust and dirt
  • Great for the bathroom--porcelain and ceramic tile, stainless steel, and bathroom fixtures
  • Use both wet and dry
  • Machine washable and reusable
Wash in warm water on a delicate cycle. No fabric softener, air dry or tumble dry on low
Brand Pillars
  • Stronger Infuse Brand Pillar


    It really works!
    Clean Promise Guarantee.
  • Non-Toxic Infuse Brand Pillar


    Cruelty-free and safer for your
    family - kids + pets.
  • Smarter Infuse Brand Pillar


    Cost savings, Reusable,
    and Ease of use.

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What Clients Say

This cleans so much better than any of the other reusable mops, great for a quick swipe over pet trampled tile! Makes the whole house smell clean and fresh!
- Melissa
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I am loving the Infuse products. We use them at my vacation rental and in my home. I love having less waste and being able to store lots of backups without taking up too much space.
- Jacqueline
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