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Casabella Infuse Multi-surface Floor Cleaner Refill Concentrate - Meyer Lemon - 0.33oz

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Spotless floors made easy with the Casabella Infuse Meyer Lemon scented Multi-surface Floor Cleaning Concentrate, formulated to deep clean a variety of floor surfaces, including porcelain and ceramic tile, vinyl, linoleum, sealed wood, and more. Enjoy a cleaner way to clean, refill after refill. Infuse's SaferShine cleaning formula is 10x concentrated, non-toxic, biodegradable and cleans as effectively as traditional floor cleaners. It’s easy to use. Simply refill the bottle with water, reload the cleaning concentrate, and reuse the bottle and machine washable mop pad, over and over again. Easy on the environment. One truckload of Casabella Infuse Cleaning Concentrates can replace 30 truckloads of traditional 32 oz. cleaning liquids. Plus, all Infuse products are free from Phthalates, Parabens and Carcinogens. And with Infuse, you can rest assured that our products are never tested on animals.

Product Features

  • For use with the refillable Casabella Infuse Spray Mop
  • Deep cleans dirt and grime without leaving streaks or haze behind
  • 10X concentrated--one cartridge take up less storage space in your cupboard or under the sink
  • For non-porous surfaces--ceramic, porcelain, glazed tile, laminate, and vinyl flooring.
  • Neutral pH that’s gentle and safe for most floor surfaces. Non-toxic and free from Phthalates, Parabens, BPA and Carcinogens.
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    What Clients Say

    I am loving the Infuse products. We use them at my vacation rental and in my home. I love having less waste and being able to store lots of backups without taking up too much space.
    - Jacqueline
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    This cleans so much better than any of the other reusable mops, great for a quick swipe over pet trampled tile! Makes the whole house smell clean and fresh!
    - Melissa
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    I love that this mop separates the dirty water from the clean water. I don't see any streaks on the floor and it stores so easily.
    - Ezzzy
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