Homes accumulate dust fast. Not dusting regularly means that it builds up even more, particularly in areas that are out of sight. Quick surface dusting isn’t always enough to remove all of the dust particles from the house, but that’s often all people do. Below are some tips that will help to ensure your dusting is done the right way.

Prepare the Tools

First, be sure the right tools are available. The best dusting tools will help to make the job faster and easier.

Casabella has a range of dusting products that work well for several needs, including a feather duster for those fragile objects, a microfiber hand duster for the furniture, and an extendable microfiber duster for hard-to-reach places. Casabella microfiber cloths can be used for dusting, as well.

There is no need to use any chemicals for dusting, as the tools just mentioned can do a fantastic job of removing dust and providing a clean, dust-free space.

Be Sure to Dust in the Right Direction

When dusting items in any room, always start with the highest point and then work downward. With the feather duster and microfiber cloths, most of the dust will be captured rather than displaced.

However, any dust that gets away is going to float down to lower surfaces and eventually the floor, where it can be swept, mopped, or vacuumed up. Starting lower with the dusting would mean cleaning the same area several times, which is a waste of energy.

Don’t Neglect the Delicate Items

Sometimes, people put off dusting all of the little collectibles and decorations they have because they know it will take a long time to get to all of them. However, using a good feather duster can help with this. It’s possible to clean those items without needing to move them. However, if there is a lot of dust on the surface where they sit, it may be best to move them and dust everything.

Hit the High Places

Another place that often gets avoided is the high spots. This is because most people don’t want to get up on a stool to reach them. Fortunately, some options will extend your reach. The Casabella Extendable Microfiber Duster and the Casabella Multi-Angle Extendable Microfiber Duster are excellent tools to help get to those difficult-to-reach locations.

Remember the Walls, Baseboards, Door Frames, and Ceilings

It’s easy to forget these locations because they often just become part of the background in peoples’ homes. However, when inspecting them closely, it’s easy to see that they carry dust. They should be dusted, too. The extendable dusters are perfect for reaching both the high and low areas, so no one has to stretch or bend to get to them.


When dusting the electronics, use a microfiber duster or cloth, as they will do a good job of picking up most of the dust. Be sure to remember to dust beneath and behind the electronics, as well.

Ceiling Fans

Along the same lines, be sure to dust the ceiling fans. These aren’t always remembered because they are often on and out of the way. The bottoms of them might not appear to have much dust, but the tops tend to be filthy. The Casabella Multi-Angle Extendable Microfiber Duster will do wonders for ceiling fans. This tool will extend up to 60”, and the head can pivot and lock in five different positions to help clean any angle.

The Blinds and Vents

The last two forgotten and neglected spaces in the home are the blinds and the vents. They should be dusted regularly, too. The Casabella Blinds Duster is a hand duster with a triple blade to make cleaning blinds fast and easy. It has a microfiber head that collects and holds dust and dirt.

The Casabella Vent Brush works well to clean out air vents, dryer lint traps, and even beneath the refrigerator. The bendable wand makes it possible to get into difficult spaces with ease.

Following the tips above will help to ensure your home has as little dust as possible. To make the task of dusting easier, do a little each day so it doesn’t have to be done all at once.