As the holiday season approaches, the anticipation of hosting family and friends for a memorable Thanksgiving feast can be both exciting and overwhelming. But fear not! We'll provide you with valuable tips, tricks, and strategies to ensure your home is spotless and ready to welcome your loved ones. From ensuring your floors are spotless with the best clean water spin mop to prepping the kitchen, join us as we explore the art of cleaning for a stress-free Thanksgiving celebration.

Go Room by Room and Get Your House Spotless

  • Kitchen: Use the Casabella Infuse All-Purpose Spray Bottle filled with your cleaner of choice to wipe down countertops, cupboards, appliances, and furniture such as a kitchen table, bar stools, high-top eating surfaces, or benches. 

Clean out the fridge. You'll need room in the fridge; you want it cleaned and germ-free before embarking on all your cooking duties. Sweep the floor with a broom and dustpan, or use a vacuum.

  • Bedrooms: If you're having overnight guests, this part is a little more difficult, but having loved ones and close friends around at Thanksgiving is good for your heart. You will need to ensure all the bedding is clean, provide extra pillows and blankets, and you may even wish to provide a nightlight and some water bottles. 
  • Family Room/Rec Room/Patio Area or Screened-In Porch and Dining Room: Dust everything from the top down, and declutter all those magazines, books, and loose papers. Use an extendable duster to remove debris from ceiling fans, television, and computer screens. Use glass cleaner on any glass-top tables, mirrors, or wall art, and sweep the floors. 
  • Bathrooms: Sanitize with bowl cleaners, clean the sinks, wipe down mirrors and faucets, and tidy up extra toilet paper rolls. Providing some air freshener is always a nice touch.

 Hang freshly washed hand towels on towel bars. 

  • Floors:  You've dusted and wiped down the countertops, and some of the debris you've cleaned off likely landed on the floor. Floors accumulate more grease, filth, and bacteria than any other component of our homes. Tackling the floors is important when hosting Thanksgiving because you don't want the influx of people to re-distribute dirt throughout the house as they move around. 

The revolutionary Casabella Spin Mop is your answer to handling every hard-surface floor in your house. This fabulous spin-mopping system is the best you can get, without a doubt. The dual-bucket system keeps the soiled water separate from the clean water; that way, you're not dipping your mop into the water after your first pass across the floor and re-contaminating it with the grit, grease, grime, and crud only to use the mop again on the floor. Why spread dirty water across the floors in your home with a single-bucket approach? The Casabella Spin Mop has an absorbent microfiber mop head, shaped ergonomically to get into every nook and cranny in your home. Even mopping under furniture is easier with this fabulous mop because of its 360-degree pivot feature. 

Emptying and filling the buckets is a cinch in any bathtub, shower basin, or sink. Simply use the water source nearest your cleaning area and dump soiled water or fill clean water in that location to make your mopping procedure as streamlined as possible. 

Once you have used this mop, you will never return to your old mopping method. The storage is nice and compact. Just nest the buckets inside one another and stow them out of sight. It is easy to pull out the mopping system when you need to spot clean for any unforeseen spilled milk, dog messes, or a family member who has tracked in mud after mowing the grass.

  • Hit the Market: Pick up all the ingredients you need for your menu, purchasing as many fresh items as possible. Fresh food always tastes better and is jam-packed with vitamins. 
  • Prepare Dishes Ahead: Preparing as many dishes ahead as possible is always a big help. You can put your green bean casserole together a couple of days before the big day and store it in the refrigerator. You can even prepare mashed potatoes ahead, store them in a slow cooker, and heat them on the event day. This helps minimize clutter on top of the stove.
  • Formulate a Schedule: Document the day and what is happening and when. Figure out when your turkey (or another roast) needs to go into the oven and what time it is expected to be done. Think about hot rolls and what time you need to put those in. What time do you want to serve dessert? Do you have any planned games or a group walk around the block?
  • Set the Table(s): Whether using fine bone china and linens or paper plates and disposable napkins, setting the table with the dishes and flatware is an inviting way to welcome your guests to your Thanksgiving table. You might want to prepare place cards with assigned seating so you mix up the relatives a bit, and you'll want to adorn your table with a beautiful centerpiece or candles. 
  • Let Guests Help Out: You'll be super busy on the day of your Thanksgiving party, and it is wise to think about jobs you can give the well-meaning guest who offers help. Don't be afraid to delegate whatever big or small tasks can be handed off because it will help you, and the guests will feel good about chipping in on the workload. 

The Best Thanksgiving Ever, Thanks to the Casabella Spin Mop

With the "guests helping out" factor in mind, take time to enjoy yourself. Thanks to the Casabella Clean Water Spin Mop, your floors will be cleaner than ever, so be grateful on Thanksgiving for your many blessings and try to stay "in the moment." An engaged host is a pleasant host, and the memories you make of a fabulous Thanksgiving party will last a lifetime.