Top 10 Products from The Past Decade

"Though innovation and passion, we design stylish and functional products to make your home a more beautiful place."  This is our missing statement and the driving force of what we do here, and we strive to design the best products we can possibly make. From a simple sketch in a notebook to a product you can buy on the shelf, we take pride in knowing the product you buy has years of development behind. Because of that, we thought we'd do something we've never done... a "best of the decade" roundup including the top 10 products we are most proud of from the past decade. Without further interruption, let's get on with the list!

1. Quick 'n Easy Upright Sweep SetThis product was the culmination of many thoughts within our design team. Can we make a muti-function tool that doesn't skimp out on quality, but also make it easy to use for every type of person? The answer (after many designs) was... yes! This is one of our favorite products we've ever designed because it represented a shift in how we make products. Not only can it work and function one way, but it can be used completely differently another way. You can use this broom as a traditional upright sweep set but at the push of a button you could pop the broom head and dustpan off their poles for hand-held use and cleanup of smaller messes that don't require a full broom pole. This means... buy one product, but get 2! It also will definitely be on the list of "greatest Casabella cleaning products of all time."

2. Wayclean Wide Angle BroomSometimes nothing can beat simplicity, and this broom proves that (and more). It's your basic broom, but with subtle improvements to help give the consumer easier ways to clean. The subtle angled broom head and comfy grip on the broom pole gives the consumer more comfortable sweeping angles without skimping out on quality. This broom also was chosen as The Wirecutter's "best broom money could buy" and we couldn't agree more with their choice!

3. Sink Sider Solo / DuoWe were in the kitchen one day in our office and realized something: sinks are weird. Sometimes they're double, sometimes they're single and sometimes there is A LOT of space around it, while other times there's none. We did a lot of research to see what sinks look like in most Americans homes and apartments and realized something: space is under-appreciated and under-valued around the sink. From there, we designed a sink storage solution for soap, sponges and dish brushes that allows you to customize it to your own needs in a sleek, compact design. Want hand soap? Done. Dish soap? Done. Want the taller pump on the left side and shorter one on the right? Done! Want it easy to clean with a pop-off removable base? Done and, done! The only way we made this better was when we introduced another color because... who doesn't love options?!

4. Radius Spray MopWe've designed many mops over the years, and a few spray mops along with traditional mops but this one is the years of R&D from past mops to make the best spray mop we could make. We took what we learned from traditional mops as well as our own previous spray mops and designed something we think is the best of both worlds. We improved quality where it needed, and made something nobody else did: a spray mop with features consumers are looking for, and clever designs to improve usability. We moved the sprayer nozzle to the head of the mop, which casts a wider radius (see what we did there) onto the surface you're cleaning, cutting your cleaning time in half. The machine washable microfiber pad also means no more tubs of unwanted, wasteful refills! It's truly a win-win. Oh, and for cleaning those tough spots, we added a super scrubby scrubber pad on the flip side of the mop to get rid of those pesky scruff marks. 

5. Guac-LockIdeas come from everywhere and one day we were the office kitchen and realized something as we were snacking on some chips and dip: guac turns brown QUICK. Everyone knows that, and everyone has some sort of trick or hack to keep the guac fresher for longer, but we thought... wait, what if there was a product that could do this, no tricks or gimmicks needed? Well, half a decade later (and many, many bowls of guac eaten later) the Guac-Lock was born. We created this product to solve the age-old problem of brown guac, and created one of the best products we've ever made. We just love this thing! And if you are wondering, no employees were harmed in the making of this... and nobody was forced to eat guac they didn't want to eat (although, there was many, many, many guac eaten).

6. Ring BrushSometimes the best products are the ones you didn't know you needed, and the Ring Brush definitely falls into that category. We put out a feeler on our social media profiles as well as some emails internally to see what people hate about dish brushes, and silly areas they wish they could clean that traditional brushes couldn't. Many sketches, prototypes and designs later... the Ring Brush was born! It may be one of the smallest sized products on this list, but no product is too small to be on a greatest hits list. This brush solves all the problems many people have in that some dish brushes get uncomfortable after long periods of cleaning. This brush also solves the problem of not cornering itself into one use – you can use this brush practically anywhere! It's unique shape and size allow it to get into tricky areas other brushes can't while still giving you a comfortable grip on the brush the whole time. It takes the statement of "small but mighty" to the next level.

7. Smart Scrub Grout Brush
This bath cleaning brush is another product where we took our learnings from previous products to help create something new and different. We first introduced the "Smart Scrub" bristle technology back in 2013 and have been using it ever since. While traditionally we used them in dish-cleaning tools, we thought of somewhere that could utilize this tech: the bathroom. Everybody hates cleaning the bathroom, so why wouldn't you want to create a product that will help you clean stuff faster? We applied the smart scrub bristle tech to a bath cleaning tool and reshaped the whole product for easy, comfortable cleaning... and voila: the Smart Scrub Grout Brush was born. You can clean with this by grabbing the handle, or for deeper cleaning (and scrubbing) you can grab it by the head in the unique cutout shape. Use it on tile, grout, showers, sinks... you name it, it can clean it. 

8. WaterBlock GloveNothing beats the original but you can kind of consider this the remix or remastered version. We took what we knew and loved with our first generation gloves and improved upon every part of them: better textured grip for easy pickup of wet dishes, more comfortable fit, better heat protection from hot water and most of all the introduction of the double cuff. Thats right, the double cuff!  Instead of one cuff, you get two to choose from for comfortable wearability no matter where you clean dishes. What was even better than the classic pink color, we also introduced a blue version which we love just as much as the pink ones! If there ever was an all-time best products we've ever created, this hands down would take the top spot (...see what we did there...). 

9. Microwipes This is another one of those products where we were sitting around and went "wait a minute... has anyone done this before?" While we have task-specific cloths for everything in your home, we didn't have a general basic cleaning cloth for all the other types of messes. I mean, you wouldn't want to use your nice dusting cloth or stainless steel cleaning cloth for cleaning up spilled coffee, right? So, we set out to create a paper towel replacement using a microfiber cloth for everyday cleaning. They're still machine washable and reusable, but we packed 10 cloths into a box for multiple uses. Reuse them as much as you'd like and when you need a new one, simply grab another from the box! We gave one to everyone in the office and the uses that came out of these things were endless.  It's perfect for quick cleaning around your kitchen, quick wiping in your fridge, around the bathroom, kitchen table, side table, in your RV, on your boat, to soak up drinks with condensation, use it on your desk... use it practically, anywhere! Seriously, these are fantastic little cloths to have handy.

10. Flex-O SweeperThis may be the second newest item on our list, but we can assure you this is another one of those products that has been in the works for many, many, many years. About 5 years ago the idea sprung into our minds but we wanted to make sure we could execute it the way we wanted.  Fast forward a few years and we finally figured out how to make it useful and versatile enough for consumers to use. We wanted to design a product that was functional, and allowed for easy cleaning of tricky places that some traditional dusters can't clean. You see, traditional dusters are fluffy and can clean into tight spaces, but sometimes they don't conform to the shape you are cleaning. Enter... the Flex-O Sweeper! This duster has a flexible head that flexes and conforms to the shape you are cleaning, leaving no edge untouched. Stair tread? Easy. Moulding on your ceiling? Piece of cake! This thing could do it all... and oh yeah, the head utilizes reusable microfiber cloths (similar to microwipes) giving you more-bang-for-your-buck. Super easy to remove, and super easy to replace. No more wasteful tubs of costly refills, just wash and reuse and you're good to go!

And thus concludes our top 10 favorite products we've made this past decade and we hope you're sitting down, because we've got even more new products coming out in 2020 that are some of our favorite products we've ever designed (...ever). Sit tight and more will be revealed sooner, rather than later. Just be sure to sign up for our mailing list to be the first to know! 

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