It's essential to keep your floors clean. A spin mop can easily remove dirt and grime from your floors. In reality, a spin mop makes mopping easier! Here's a step-by-step guide on assembling and using the best clean water spin mop on the market — the Casabella Clean Water Spin Mop.

Step 1: Unpack & Assemble Your Spin Mop

The first step is to unpack your spin mop and ensure that you have all the necessary components. Most spin mops come with a mop handle, mop head, and a bucket, the Casabella Clean Water Spin Mop comes with two buckets that hook together when mopping — one for clean water and one to spin away the dirty water. The next step is to assemble your Casabella Spin Mop. The box will include the instructions, mop buckets, mop handle, mop head, and microfiber pad. Follow the provided instructions for proper assembly of your spin mop:
  1. Attach handle cap to the pole without a plastic sleeve
  2. Attach 2nd pole, plastic sleeve side up
  3. Attach 3rd pole, plastic sleeve side up
  4. Attach mop head
  5. Snap the microfiber pad onto the mop head

Step 2: Fill the Clean Water Bucket with Water and Cleaning Solution

Once your spin mop is assembled, it's time to fill the clean water bucket with water and a cleaning solution. Spin mops require only a small amount of cleaning solution, so be sure to read the instructions carefully, the Casabella Clean Water Spin mop has a cleaning solution and water fill guide in the bucket itself. Fill the bucket with cleaning solution and water.

Step 3: Connect the Buckets

Connect the spinner/dirty water bucket to the clean water bucket by sliding the spinner/dirty water bucket into the slot on the side of the clean water bucket. Check for solid connection of the top hooks and bottom latch.

Step 4: Dip the Mop Head in the Bucket & Start Mopping

Now it's time to start using your spin mop. Dip the mop head into the clean water bucket and ensure it is fully saturated with water and cleaning solution. You can use the built-in wringer or spin mechanism to remove any excess water from the mop head — simply insert the mop head into the spinner and then use the built-in foot pedal to operate the spinner, wringing excess water out of the mop head. Removing excess water from the mop head before mopping will prevent your floors from becoming too wet and help them to dry faster.

Once your mop head is fully saturated and wrung out, it's time to start mopping. Begin by mopping in one direction, working in sections to ensure you cover the entire surface area of your floor. When your mop becomes saturated with dirt or grime, use the spinner to spin away dirty water and debris. Then, repeat Step 4 by dipping the mop head into the clean water bucket and cleaning solution and using the spinner to wring out excess water.

After mopping, remove the mop head and rinse it thoroughly under running water. Pour out the dirty water from the dirty water bucket, and give the bucket a quick rinse, repeating the process with the clean water bucket.

Step 5: Store the Spin Mop

Store the buckets by nesting the dry, empty dirty water/spinner bucket inside the clean water bucket — you'll find it was made to nest perfectly for storage. The buckets can then be neatly tucked away in a cabinet or storage closet, along with the mop head and handle.

Step 6: Refresh the Mop Head

If you find that the mop head needs a more thorough cleaning, you can wash the mop head in your washing machine along with bath mats, rags, or other laundry. After many uses, your mop head may need replacing. When this occurs, replace the mop head with Casabella Spin Mop refills.

It’s Easy to Have Clean & Hygienic Floors with Casabella

Assembling and using the Casabella Clean Water Spin Mop system is a simple process that can help you keep your floors clean and hygienic. By following these steps, you can clean your floors quickly and efficiently using the best clean water mop available. So go ahead and give it a try – your floors will thank you!