Back to School Time is Here!

How did the summer go by so fast? You and your family had pool time, beach time, picnics, vacations, and all sorts of family fun. Now, here you are, getting ready to send your kid off to college. Time flies when you're having fun!

There Will be Shopping Galore

You've got textbooks to order and bedding and kitchen items to purchase. And remember all the school clothes/shoes, toiletry items, a shower caddy, and dorm room essentials you'll need to pick up as you prepare to send your coed off to school. 

Don’t Forget the Cleaning Supplies

Ensuring your student has the right cleaning tools will help them keep their living space neat and clean so that they can focus on the studying aspect of their important college experience. Start your student off right by developing a routine cleaning habit.

Casabella is your one-stop shop for everything in the cleaning realm. Casabella products actually help motivate people to keep their living space clean because they're beautiful and fun to use! Casabella products simply work! Five Casabella cleaning essentials that will expertly equip your college student to keep their living space clean are:

  1. Casabella Hand Duster: This is a must-have for any student. The microfiber head grabs dust and traps it to make cleaning a breeze. Made from 50% recycled plastic and plush microfiber, this duster has a comfortable handle grip to speed up cleaning.
  2. Casabella Day and Night Caddy: This caddy is something all college students should own. Convenient and durable, this two-in-one caddy is great for college kids when they transport themselves and their shower stuff to the community dorm lavatory. A small caddy is stored inside the larger caddy and is easily removed. The smaller caddy works well for toothbrushes and dental floss, and the larger caddy conveniently holds body wash, shampoo, conditioner, face scrub, and lotion. 
  3. Casabella Hygienic Bowl Brush & Caddy: When sharing a bathroom with a roommate or a few dorm mates, a quality bowl brush will help your student and their housemates avoid germs and bacteria. The Casabella Hygienic Bowl Brush & Caddy is water-repellent and more sanitary than other bowl brushes. With its unique design and flexible brush head, splashing during cleaning is minimized, eliminating the spread of bacteria and germs. 
  4. Casabella Soap Dispensing Dish Scrub Brush: College students are all about food and snacks. Students munch all day and night, whether late-night pizza, popcorn, chips, or macaroni and cheese. Make sure your student can clean up after preparing study snacks, pizza, or other meals with this fabulous dish brush made of recycled plastic. Perfect for washing off plates, bowls, glasses, pots, pans, and baking sheets, this handy brush dispenses soap to keep items clean without lots of effort. With durable recycled nylon bristles, cleaning is fast and won't scratch plates and other items being cleaned. The beechwood handle is ergonomically sound with its longer length. Pick up spare bristle heads that can be replaced after lots of use. 
  5. Casabella Clean Water Spin Mop: Messes will happen; you can count on it! Pizza parties and study sessions always involve food and beverages, so the floor will take a beating. Keeping a college student's floor clean, sanitary, and bacteria-free can be challenging. Equip your student with the Casabella Clean Water Spin Mop with dual buckets which separate dirty mop water from clean water. Unlike a single-mopping bucket system, the Casabella Spin Mop is the best spin mop available. The hexagon microfiber mop head gets into all the nooks and crannies and achieves an all-around clean that other mops can't. Owning this revolutionary mop system will help your student keep their floor from being sticky and dirty. This system that easily separates the clean water from the filthy mop water is changing how people mop floors everywhere, and your college student will love it!

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Yes, you'll miss your student while they're away at school, but you can rest assured they're getting a great education and keeping their dorm or other living space neat and clean with all the game-changing Casabella items you've provided. You are raising your college kid to form good cleaning habits early in life, which leads to a more productive, neat, and organized future.

Be a Proud Parent

Go ahead and be proud of your student! And be proud of yourself for your guidance in using Casabella cleaning tools and establishing good cleaning habits that will last a lifetime. Having your student learn to wipe down surfaces and clean floors regularly can help them build a strong foundation for cleaning that will come in handy when they live independently.