1. Top Thanksgiving Cleanup Tips

    Top Thanksgiving Cleanup Tips

    Thanksgiving is this week!  Is your home ready?  Check out our top Thanksgiving tips to help make this the best (and easiest) Thanksgiving ever.Power clean your floors in high-traffic areas (doorways, kitchen and dining room floors).Clean off the stairs (i.e., the baseboard, stair tread and in between railings).Keep a broom handy to sweep up any [...]
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  2. Top 10 Places to Clean This Fall

    Top 10 Places to Clean This Fall

    Fall is here! With temperatures beginning to drop, it’s time to do a once-over on your home to get ready for the cooler winter months. Scroll down and check out our top places to clean in your home this fall! 1. Wipe down / clean window blinds + window sills!Remove AC units from your windows if [...]
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  3. GHLab at the Mall of America!

    GHLab at the Mall of America!

    We are beyond thrilled to let you all know that we are taking part in Good Housekeeping's pop-up shop in the Mall of America!  This is a pop-up shop like you've never seen before blurring the lines between retail and e-commerce.The GHLab is 2,800 square footage of pre-built spaces to replicate areas of your home. [...]
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  4. Top 8 Tips for Fall Cleanup!

    Top 8 Tips for Fall Cleanup!

    With temperatures cooling off outside, it's time to start preppin' your home for fall!  Before you do, check out our top 8 tips for Fall Cleanup!1. Listen to music!Listening to your favorite music will help lighten the mood (it especially helps if you dance a little while you clean but don't worry, we won't judge [...]
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  5. *buzz buzz* The Original Bee Mop

    *buzz buzz* The Original Bee Mop

    Fall is almost here which means it's time to deep clean your floors before winter! Be ready for the fall cleaning season with one of our favorite mops, The Original Bee Mop.Easy–Wringer HandleSuper Absorbent SpongeLifetime Guarantee*The Original Bee Mop is safe for all floor types and can be used in your kitchen, bathroom, living room, [...]
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