1. Introducing the Pivot Lint Roller

    Introducing the Pivot Lint Roller

    We're super excited to let you know that our brand-new Pivot Lint Roller!  This new Lint Roller features an easy push button that allows for the roller to pivot and lock into 2 positions for easy rolling on any surface. Lock it into place parallel to the handle and you're good to go on removing [...]
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  2. Top Places to Clean for Memorial Day

    Top Places to Clean for Memorial Day

    Don't look but... Memorial Day is right around the corner! It's literally a few days away but before you battle the crowds at the supermarket to get all of your food shopping done, make sure your home is ready to go before your guests arrive for your barbecue.Check out these top places to clean before [...]
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  3. National No Dirty Dishes Day!

    National No Dirty Dishes Day!

    "I can't wait to get home and wash dishes" ...said no-one ever.  We understand that washing the dishes isn't the worlds most fun activity, and nobody usually ever wants to clean them at all. Can you blame them?  We can however say that even how stressful it is to clean your dishes (and keep the [...]
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  4. The 1-2-3 Cleaning Method

    The 1-2-3 Cleaning Method

    We don't want to sound overly dramatic but... you are definitely cleaning your floors all wrong!  You see, the one thing that people seem to always forget when it comes to cleaning your home is that you should be cleaning smarter, not harder.  Nobody wants to have to clean the same thing twice, right?!  Because [...]
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  5. Spring Cleaning Checklist

    Spring Cleaning Checklist

    Not sure where to start your Spring Cleaning? Don't worry – we've got you covered! Check out our handy and printable Spring Cleaning Checklist with great tips of places to clean this spring. To view or print checklist: 1. Click on the image above. 2. The file will open in a new tab3. Click "print" from your [...]
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