1. A Compact Way To Sweep

    A Compact Way To Sweep

    Newsflash: in case you may not know, no two people are the same! Because of that, people clean completely differently than one another. Example: somebody who is 6' tall definitely won't be cleaning the same way someone who is 4' tall. When we designed our Compact Upright Sweep Set we kept this in mind and [...]
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  2. Go-To Guac Recipe

    Go-To Guac Recipe

    Whether you are celebrating the kickoff of the football season, taco Tuesday, Cinco De Mayo, Super Bowl Sunday, a birthday or hosting a backyard barbecue, fresh guacamole is always a safe party snack to make or bring! Everyone has a good recipe for guac and we are here to share our go-to recipe that we think [...]
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  3. You Will NEVER Believe What This Tote Can Do.

    You Will NEVER Believe What This Tote Can Do.

    We're all about the multi-function tools here at Casabella, and that was part of the reason we designed our Day & Night Shower Caddy the way it is. I mean, we don't want to sound overly dramatic here but... this caddy honestly may just change your life.You see, when you think life changing products, you [...]
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  4. 5 Things You Didn't Know You Needed For College

    5 Things You Didn't Know You Needed For College

    Parents, we know you don't want to hear this (because trust us, we don't want to hear it either) but summer is almost over! We know what you're thinking... YIKES! But this also means that your back to school / back to college prep needs to be in full swing before it's too late (consider [...]
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  5. Summer Sale 2019!

    Summer Sale 2019!

    What is the deal?20% EVERYTHING!  Thats right – get 20% off everything on our site (including new product and best-selling product that rarely goes on sale). On the cart page, enter coupon code "summer" to instantly see your savings! PS – the code is case sensitive, so be sire to enter it in all lowercase [...]
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